Tyrese Haliburton Talks About Getting Over the Tradeoff

NBA star, Tyrese Haliburton certainly had a turbulent and tumultuous first couple of years in the pros. He was hailed as a prodigy that could be of great value to the Sacramento Kings. This is why it was so surprising when Haliburton got traded to the Indiana Pacers ahead of the trade deadline in February. Haliburton has opened up about how he felt about this sudden change.

Tyrese Haliburton
Tyrese Haliburton Talks About Getting Over the Tradeoff

Tyrese Haliburton on Being Traded

Earlier this year, Tyrese Haliburton along with his teammates Tristan Thompson and Buddy Hield got traded to the Indiana Pacers. When Haliburton’s agent called him to let him know what was happening, he had a hard time believing him. Tyrese said that he thought he was untouchable and that he got too comfortable, which is why the news was such a surprise.

Sacramento Kings
Tyrese Haliburton Talks About Getting Over the Tradeoff

The young star explains how being traded can mess with a person’s self-esteem and cause self-doubt. Reassurance that came, not only from family and friends but also from industry professionals that he admires, helped him move on and get motivated.

Bringing Up the Human Aspect

Changing teams brought the initial shock to Tyrese Haliburton which was difficult to get over at first. He spoke about all the people he met and relationships he’d formed in Sacramento, he was excited about getting involved with that community and the people he had met only for it to all suddenly change. He brings up the human aspect behind the scenes that not many get to see by explaining that it’s not just him who has to re-immerse in a new community now. His mother, brothers, and his girlfriend lived there with him and this change affected all of them, as well.

Indiana Pacers
Tyrese Haliburton Talks About Getting Over the Tradeoff

Differences in Franchises

When asked about the biggest differences he noticed between the two franchises thus far, Haliburton answered that it was the outlook. While both teams have comparable records, with the Sacramento Kings, there was a constant push to try and make the play-in game. Tyrese compares that with the mindset of the Indiana Pacers, where they focus on building winning habits to try and ensure a more successful next season.

What Haliburton Envisions for the Future

Tyrese Haliburton Talks About Getting Over the Tradeoff

Tyrese Haliburton shared that what made the transition easier was the fact that it happened along with Hield and Thompson, so he’s still working with familiar faces that know how to play off each other. Haliburton is excited about working hard to find the best version of himself and be part of the core, helping Indiana get back to the playoffs and compete for a championship.