Here’s Who Sylvester Stallone Thinks Would Win in a Fight Between Rocky and Rambo

Recently, Sylvester Stallone addressed a longstanding question that has been circling between his fans for decades. The question is who would emerge victorious in a hypothetical fight between two of his most famous characters – boxer Rocky Balboa versus soldier John Rambo.

Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone Believes Neither Rambo Nor Rocky Will Ever Be the Same After a Fight Between the Two

Stallone is probably the most qualified person to answer such a question because he has portrayed Rocky in seven films and Rambo in five. According to him, neither man would be the same if a fight was to take place. He also added that even he would pay to see such a match. Stallone wrote about this on Instagram and shared how he envisioned a hypothetical street fight between the two characters.

Stallone Thinks a Fight Between Rocky and Rambo Would Take Place on the Street and Both Characters Have a Chance of Winning

Stallone has described a possible fight between Rambo and Rocky. He pointed out that if the two were to remain upright, Rocky would win due to his body punches and right hooks. However, he stated that if the fight goes to the ground, Rambo will be the one to prevail. He also considered a bloody brutal fight to the end version of the scenario, saying that the fighting would happen outside, like in a street fight, and Rocky would land the first blows. According to him, if that does not take out Rambo, his skill set would be on full display and give him the victory. Still, he left space for Rocky to go on in such an eventuality because he was incredibly resilient and good on the ground too. Eventually, Stallone concluded that whatever the result may be, neither man would ever be the same.

Stallone certainly has much love for both characters, but currently, it seems unlikely that he would reprise either role in the near future. He has already stated that he will not be making an appearance in the upcoming Creed III, and there are no plans for another Rambo movie. Instead, Stallone is focusing his attention on television as he is set to star in the mob drama series Kansas City.