A Bad Breakup Led This Man to Seek and Establish His Personal Style

Najem Al-Hasan, a 48-year-old building engineer living in Edinburgh, Scotland, never thought much about fashion until he experienced a bad breakup. He decided to make a new start with the help of a stylist, and the result was great.

Najem Al-Hasan before (left) and after (right).
After a Painful Breakup, Hajim Wanted a Change

Najem once heard some workers call him “the American Eagle hoodie guy.” He realized that they were right and that he didn’t have much of a style. Besides, he had a painful breakup that made him want to change. First, he decided to lose the weight he gained during the pandemic – with kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. After he got leaner, it was time for him to establish his personal style.

Najem started working with the stylist Patrick Kenger from Pivot Image Consulting. Najem signed up for an introductory consultation, which blew him away with the level of detail and explanation. Najem gives Patrick all the credit for his transformation.

Patrick Kenger, personal stylistStarting with the Basics

Najem had to start with the basics – how to use the color palette and match his look with his wardrobe. He had to learn what colors worked for him, and he also learned about skincare and hairstyling. Najem learned about the huge difference that tailoring and getting his sizing down could make.

Najem discovered Nudie Jeans, Reiss, Spoke, and a whole world of new brands – so much that he hadn’t considered before—polos, denim shirts, slim fit jeans. He felt more confident. He is currently experimenting with accessories like hats and bracelets. His favorite piece of clothing now is his All Saints biker leather jacket.

Najem Is Already Getting Compliments

According to Najem, people now say he’s looking younger. Even people on the street have commented that he looked like he was modeling on the catwalk, and women have approached him to compliment his style. These tend to be older women who referred to him as “son,” but Najem still appreciates their flattering compliments.

Najem learned that style is not a stereotype but rather something that every person has to create for themselves. He advises everyone to find and embrace their own style. Najem also notes that keeping physically fit can help give a person the confidence and energy to make the most of their style potential. After that, it’s just a matter of working with a stylist.

A Bad Breakup Led This Man to Seek and Establish His Personal Style
Najem stayed positive and kept an open mind after the breakup while working on his new style. It’s like any project, he says: the more you learn, the more confident you’ll be. Asking friends and family for feedback, keeping an eye on what’s trending, and thinking about what you like and why also help. Although the journey is different for everyone, the right mindset will help you find your way.