This Often-Overlooked Utah Ski Area Is the Nation’s Largest

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Located in Utah, Powder Mountain is a ski destination with a unique blend of charm, terrain, and abundant snow. It stands out in the 2024-25 season due to its unconventional approach of changing to a semi-private mountain. Three chair lifts will be closed to the public, providing exclusive access to private home sites, compensated by a new lift granting access to the previously snowcat-only Lightning Ridge. There will be 11 lifts in total.

A Wonderful Ski Area

For people who seek the pleasure of staying on a mountain, Powder Stays offers modern vacation rentals with full kitchens and ski-in, ski-out convenience. The Horizon neighborhood adds a touch of design flair to the lodging experience. Alternatively, the Edelweiss Bed & Breakfast, which is located in Nordic Valley, offers a quieter escape with newly remodeled suites, each featuring private entrances and outdoor spaces.

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The neighboring Nordic Valley Ski Resort provides additional opportunities for night skiing and snow tubing at Wasatch Parc. Wolf Creek Resort, managed by Wolf Creek Rentals, provides well-stocked vacation rentals just a 15-minute drive from the ski area. When considering dining out, Powder Keg, housed in Pow Mow’s main lodge, Timberline, serves ramen, chicken wings, and healthy options, earning its reputation as the go-to spot.

Many Dining and Entertainment Options

Hidden Lake Cantina in Hidden Lake Lodge offers street tacos with breathtaking mountain views. For after skiing, Lucky Slice Pizza at the Sundown Lift base caters to those enjoying Powder Mountain’s night skiing. The iconic Powder Keg provides live music, great food, and an uncomplicated vibe. Off-mountain, the historic Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville offers classic burgers and beverages.

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When it comes to tickets, Powder Mountain operates outside the Epic or Ikon pass systems, requiring direct lift ticket purchases. The dynamic ticketing system rewards early booking, with adult daily lift tickets priced at $111. Rentals start at $34 for night skiing and $44 for day skiing, and there are plenty of online reservation discounts.

Something for Everyone

Powder Mountain currently boasts nine lifts serving 8,464 acres of terrain, with 154 named runs catering to all skill levels. It offers group and private lessons, including adaptive lessons through Ogden Valley Adaptive Sports. Adventurous souls can explore remote terrain with guided snowcat rides or go on guided ski adventures.

Additionally, Powder Mountain features guided snowmobile tours, showcasing scenic views of the valley and the Great Salt Lake. The place is certainly a great location for anyone who wants to experience a wonderful ski area that offers it all despite having some private-only options.

What Does “Power-Down Hour” Even Mean Anyway?

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Bedtime can be tricky for parents, but there’s a magical solution called “Power-Down Hour,” which turns evenings into calm, happy family time. Imagine this: after dinner, everyone changes into cozy pajamas and gathers in the dining room.

It’s a special hour filled with games and stories before bedtime. This routine helps kids sleep better and makes bedtime a breeze.

What’s a Power Down Hour?

Power-Down Hour is the hour before your child’s bedtime. It’s a time for calm activities that help your child relax. It’s awesome because it brings the family together for fun activities, improves children’s behavior, teaches kids to be present and calm, and even improves maths skills!

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If your child wakes up happy and ready for the day, great! But if they seem tired or grumpy, the power-down hour might be the secret ingredient you’ve been missing all along,

A New Sleep Routine

Dr. Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, a qualified pediatrician, says that if your child feels sleepy or irritable during the day, they might not be getting enough rest. Power-Down Hour is like a little helper for a good night’s sleep.

  • Pick a Time: Choose a consistent time every day for Power-Down Hour.
  • Plan Backwards: Start from bedtime and plan dinner and other routines to keep this time free.
  • Choose Fun Activities: Keep it simple at first, but prioritize games that are screen-free and enjoyable for everyone (i.e., don’t choose a game you hate!!).

Unlock the Magic of Bedtime

Power-Down Hour is like a mini-vacation before bedtime, especially great for school-aged kids. It helps them wind down after a busy day. According to Dr. Lauren Collins, a certified pediatric sleep consultant, children need restorative sleep to learn better, play, and be their best selves. So, if you want bedtime to be more fun and less stressful, give Power-Down Hour a try in your home. It’s a simple, magical way to end the day with smiles and sweet dreams!

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Remember, sticking to your Power-Down Hour routine is the key to its magic. It works best when you do it every day, not just on some days. Even if you’re super busy and can’t do a full hour, that’s okay! You can do a shorter version.

Dr. Collins suggests limiting screen time an hour before bedtime and keeping a simple bedtime routine. Consistency makes the magic happen, even if it’s a mini version on busy days!