A Brand-New Treehouse Hotel Opens in California Next Year

A 254-room treehouse hotel will open in Sunnyvale, California, next year. It’s set to launch in late 2023, and it seems the location will be a must-visit destination. The stunning hotel will be the first of its kind in the USA. The resort brand is owned by SH Hotels & Resorts. Read on to learn more about the playful leisure destination.

What to Expect in the Treehouse Hotel

A Brand-New Treehouse Hotel Opens In California Next Year

Childlike wonder and technological advancement meet in an unlikely twist for the first Treehouse Hotel in the USA. Barry Sternlicht, the CEO and founder of the company that owns the hotel brand, says the chosen location for the resort is an epicenter of bold ideas and innovation. Apparently, it’s the perfect place for this new and highly desirable destination.

In a press release, Sternlicht described the hotel as a playful property from top to bottom. Mismatched materials, unexpected twists, and unlikely artwork perfectly represent the energy and intensity of the whole Silicon Valley culture. But it’s also a place where visitors will be able to find some of the old charms of the Santa Clara Valley.

Freedom, Nostalgia, and Childhood Fun

The first hotel of its kind was opened in Langham Place. Treehouse Hotel London is currently the only resort of the same name in the UK, but the company plans to open a brand-new location in Manchester in early 2023. Only then will the company owners dive headlong into their US adventure.

But let’s see what makes this place so unique and one of a kind. Firstly, visitors will have the chance to enjoy a private outdoor space that ranges from ground-floor patios to terraces or balconies. The hotel’s interior stands by its name and features multiple woodworking elements. Quirky quilts and colorful pillows will complement sturdy-looking wood furniture.

The hotel won’t just look amazing, but it’ll also repurpose existing buildings and rely on modular technologies in a bid to cut down on waste and environmental impact. The trees felled to make space for the hotel will be repurposed into sculptures by local artists.

In all, the new treehouse hotel promises its visitors freedom: the chance to unwind among playful interiors and designs. There’ll be various leisure activities available, and more.