Why People Should Stroll Through Museums Instead of Walking Swiftly

Museums are fabulous establishments committed to preserving mankind’s history, culture, and achievements. There are all kinds of exhibition galleries throughout the world and they all have one thing in common – they introduce their visitors to ancient artifacts, mesmerizing works of art, and a plethora of unique inventions and items.

Why People Should Stroll Through Museums Instead of Walking SwiftlyMuseums Should Be Strolled Through

Many people explore museums by swiftly walking through their displays, casually looking at the items, and barely skimming the labels. However, that’s not the only way to explore and enjoy these majestic buildings.

While the artifacts and works of art are undoubtedly the most important features in any gallery, they aren’t the only items of significance. There are a lot of elements and nuances when it comes to exhibition design.

The color of the walls, how things are presented, and the architectural features of the buildings also play a role in visual storytelling. They’re chosen to not only give a deeper meaning to the displayed items but also to help viewers better interpret them.

All Areas Have Something to Offer

Museum visitors rarely take the time to explore transitory spaces because they’re in a hurry to reach the galleries with interesting things. But hallways, staircases, and especially entrances, are known to have hidden gems that many miss because of their impatience.

For example, some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry (the tiaras of Empress Eugenie and Princess Marie-Thérèse) worn by French monarchs are displayed in a lavish corridor between two galleries in The Louvre in Paris, France. The same applies to other underestimated areas around museums.

Keeping a light pace throughout the hallways, galleries, and stairwells allows museum visitors to get completely submerged into the story told by the building and its artifacts. It allows them to notice different details and sounds that they’d otherwise miss.

Visiting a museum is not about seeing everything that’s displayed. It’s about remembering the items that have been seen.