The South’s Best All-Inclusive Resorts

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The South is known for being a hospitable place where guests are welcome and can feel comfortable. This can also be said for local resorts and all-inclusive properties in particular.The simplicity of the all-inclusive concept is very inviting for guests and exudes the seamless nature of Southern hospitality. There is also the benefit that guests don’t have to worry about the cost of meals or activities. There are many great all-inclusive resorts in the South, from coastal islands to mountain getaways. Here are some of the places most beloved by the tourists.

Little St. Simons Island

Little St. Simons Island is a private island accessible only by boat where The Lodge can be found. It is among the top destinations worldwide and has plenty of beautiful wilderness with seven miles of beaches.

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The Lodge is the sole resort on the island with the capacity for 32 overnight guests. There are several options for sleep, including single rooms and entire cottages. Clients can also opt to reserve the whole island. Expect to pay a hefty price, but at least guided excursions, non-alcoholic drinks, three daily meals, and boat transfers to and from the island are included in the price!

All-Inclusive Health-Focused Retreats

Another great all-inclusive destination to enjoy in the South is The Swag. This mountain property is located in Waynesville, NC, and is also considered a top resort worldwide. The place stands out with its complete dedication to guest comfort.

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The rustic-chic guest room, suite, or cabin, food, and non-alcoholic drinks are all covered in the price. There are also complimentary yoga classes and a variety of free activities like fishing, guided hikes, badminton, and great views. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is also close by.

While it sounds a little unusual, health-focused retreats can also be all-inclusive destinations, and one of the best in the South is the Miraval Austin. This Texas Hill Country outpost is in the spa chain portfolio where the fee covers all meals, snacks, and drinks.

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There are also many daily wellness classes included in this gratuity-free resort. Here, guests don’t have to tip servers, therapists, or instructors, and all they have to do is keep track of their itinerary. There are plenty of great offerings at the resort, and the place overlooks Lake Travis.