New Scenic Byways and All-American Roads Recognized In 28 States

Recently, the National Scenic Byways program announced that it is adding 15 All-American Roads and 34 National Scenic Byways in the US. This brings the total of byways embraced by the program to 184 in 48 states. The new roads traverse 28 states and are the first ones to be added since 2009.

The National Scenic Byways Program Recognizes Roads for Having One or More of Six Essential Qualities

The Scenic Highway 30A Roads in Florida
New Scenic Byways and All-American Roads Recognized In 28 States

The program recognizes roadways that have notable scenic, historic, recreational, natural, cultural, or archaeological qualities. The new additions include the Great River Road National Scenic Byway in Illinois, the Scenic Highway 30A in Florida, the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway, the California Historic Route 66 Needles to Barstow Scenic Byway, and the Zion Scenic Byway in Utah.

Scenic America Has Led the Effort for Restoring and Revitalizing Funding for the Program

The national environmental nonprofit organization Scenic America has been one of the leading forces for preserving and enhancing both the scenic beauty and visual character of America. Recently, Congress has also included $16 million in funding for the program in hopes that the effort will improve the means by which people looking for safe ways to travel can do so. The roads focused on by the program are usually used for road trips and visits to natural places and parks, which is why they are expected to have widespread appeal.

Mark Falzone (on the left), the president of Scenic America.
New Scenic Byways and All-American Roads Recognized In 28 States

The president of Scenic America, Mark Falzone, has recently stated that the National Scenic Byways program will give new jobs to people and boost tourism, as well as provide other benefits to communities that can be found along the scenic roads recognized by the program. He added that such resources are very much needed by these parts of the country and are often hard to come by.

In addition, Falzone said that he and the people in the organization are excited to partner with new designers because they will have the opportunity to tap into the program’s benefits. According to him, Scenic America is looking forward to helping other communities across the country applying for future byways designations.