This 5-Star Resort in Bangkok Is Known for Its Incredible Breakfast

Instagram // @capellabangkok

If you ever visit Bangkok and want to experience the quiet luxury lifestyle, you’ll enjoy a stay at Capella Bangkok. This 5-star resort is known for its beautiful views, wellness classes, luxurious spa area, and, most importantly, its breakfast. They have everything from grab-and-go coffee stations to incredible buffets.

The Breakfast at Capella Bangkok

All guests of Capella Bangkok have access to their incredible Thai restaurant called Phra Nakhon. It’s modern and sophisticated, and you’ll leave the place satisfied. Everything is well-organized, and the “buffet” items are laid out in different stations. You can find yummy pastries, local fruit, and other regional treats, plus most of the dishes are made-to-order. They taste fresh, and you’ll enjoy every single bite.

Instagram // @capellabangkok

However, at Capella Bangkok, you can also find food from all over the world. From Japanese omelets to spicy pork sausages made in Chiang Mai, they have everything! The best thing is that you get to try one-of-a-kind dishes. You can order traditional soups, mangoes with sticky rice, and other Thai specialties. Keep in mind that you might gain some extra weight, but who counts calories when they’re on vacation?

The Resort’s International Cuisine

Something that would go perfectly with all those sweet and savory flavors is a cup of black coffee. There’s nothing better than sipping your first coffee of the day while looking at the beautiful Chao Phraya River, also known as the “river of kings.”

Instagram // @capellabangkok

One thing is for sure: this resort can make you feel like royalty. We’re not saying you should visit Bangkok just for the food, but we’re kind of saying it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all! Who wouldn’t want to kick off their vacation with great food?