Plan the Perfect Paris Olympics Trip: From Tickets to Accommodation

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Fans are super excited for the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The event will be held in France in July and everyone going should start planning their trip soon. We have you covered if you need help finding a nice place to stay and organizing the logistics!

Where to Stay During the Olympics

Keep in mind that many people will visit Paris during the Olympics, and everyone will be on the lookout for good deals. Rooms in the best hotels in Paris have also been booked by the participants and partners of the event. For example, the entire 25Hours Hotel Paris Terminus Nord has been booked since 2023 due to its proximity to the Gare du Nord station, which visitors will use to reach the Olympic and Paralympic Villages. It means you’ll want to ensure your accommodation as soon as possible.

X (Twitter) // @NBCOlympics

Luckily, other places offer great prices. You might want to check out Accor, a company that manages hotels and vacation properties. For Paris in particular, consider MGallery, Sofitel, and Swissôtel. Airbnb is also an option, even though their prices might reach the ones of hotels during the Olympics. If you’re on a budget, we recommend checking out other apartment rental firms like Le Collectionist, HighStay, Onefinestay, and Sonder.

Get the Full Package

On Location is the official hospitality partner for the Olympics. If you want someone else to handle the planning process for you, this company offers various travel packages for everything you need: event tickets, accommodation, and even VIP access to the opening ceremony. As you can imagine, this service doesn’t come at the most affordable price, but it saves you time and makes your experience stress-free. The cheapest option is a three-night package for $19,865 per person.

Remember, whatever plans you have in mind, it’s best to start organizing as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to miss out because you left things until the last minute.

Inside Snow Peak’s New Campgrounds, Where Gorpcore Meets Glamping

Amid the hottest month in recorded history, temperatures soared around 90 degrees, and intermittent rain showers, over 100 individuals gathered for Snow Peak Way. This two-and-a-half-day camping event, initiated in 1998 by an outdoor brand in Japan, unites staff and loyal customers. Snow Peak’s appeal as one of the best campgrounds was clear even in the bad weather.

Snow Peak Has New Campgrounds

The Japanese Outdoors Brand Snow Peak Has New Campgrounds
Snow Peak Has New Campgrounds

Established in 1958 by climber Yukio Yamai, Snow Peak has garnered admiration from serious campers and fashion-savvy individuals alike. Its gear and attire cater to those who relish the outdoors, refined design, and the finer aspects of life. The brand challenges the notion that comfort must be forsaken for outdoor enjoyment, aligning with its ethos of elevating and enhancing the experience at all its campgrounds.

Noah Reis, Snow Peak USA’s COO, drew a parallel between the Calvin and Hobbes comic and the perception of camping—a belief that discomfort builds character. Snow Peak contradicts this by prioritizing comfort and elegance in camping. The brand strives to bring the comforts of home to the campsite, encouraging a more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Snow Peak Organizes Great Events

Snow Peak Organizes Great Events

This philosophy was put to the test recently. Despite adverse weather, attendees found refuge in Snow Peak’s equipment. The Snow Peak Amenity Dome provided shelter from the elements, while the brand’s sleeping pads and sleeping bags ensured a comfortable night’s rest. Participants engaged in tie-dyeing, exploration, and yakitori grilling, showcasing their dedication to Snow Peak’s philosophy.

People at the campgrounds exhibited meticulous preparation, with their setups rivaling those on the West Coast. Snow Peak’s distinctive approach involves organizing a small living space and kitchen adjacent to the tent. The brand’s focus on intentionality resonated with attendees, transforming camping into a luxurious experience.

Snow Peak’s commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences extends beyond events at campgrounds. The forthcoming Campfield in Long Beach, Washington, promises permanent comfort with toilets, showers, and a Japanese soaking tub. Snow Peak’s expansion to Long Beach, Washington, is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re already nailing it in Japan with their Campfields, offering a year-round haven for luxury camping. This isn’t an average glamping gig – Snow Peak’s got this well-thought-out approach, backed by serious investment, that totally validates it as the real deal when it comes to camping.

Talking about Snow Peak enthusiasts, there is the unstoppable Jin Liu. This brand isn’t just about gear to her but is also an avenue for expressing herself. Her deep love for Snow Peak grew from meaningful adventures and an ever-expanding collection of gear. Rain or shine, she’s out there whipping up warm noodles in Snow Peak’s cast-iron pots and savoring every bite with their bowls and chopsticks. That’s the Snow Peak lifestyle, making outdoor living look and feel effortlessly cool!