The Ultimate Northern Lights Cruise Experience of the Year

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Many people dream of seeing the northern lights. It’s such a unique phenomenon that only happens in certain parts of the world, one of which is Norway. That’s why family-owned cruise line Havila Voyages is offering epic 11-day astronomy-themed cruises in February, March, and October.

A Celestial Journey With Havila Voyages

These cruises will go from Bergen to Kirkenes and back, taking you on an epic journey along most of the Norwegian coast. But the stunning views aren’t the only thing this crew has to offer. On the February and October cruises, you can hear lectures from Ian Ridpath, a member of the Royal Astronomical Society’s outreach team. In March, the cruise will be joined by John Zarnecki, who’s the former president of the Royal Astronomical Society.

They’ll cover lots of topics, like rocket science, man’s search for extraterrestrial life, and of course, astronomy. Since Havila Voyages is also a ferry company, the ships will visit various ports per day, giving you plenty of chances to see what Norway has to offer.

A Cruise Along Norway’s Scenic Route

For a personalized experience, you can book excursions that showcase the finest offerings along the route. Whether it’s e-biking, dogsledding, indulging in food tours, or immersing in wildlife viewing, there’s a diverse range of activities to keep everyone engaged.

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What’s unique, however, is that in some cases you can go on an excursion at one port and then rejoin the cruise at a different port! This is different from most typical cruises, making this a one-of-a-kind experience.

Chasing the Northern Lights

But, perhaps most importantly, is that you’re likely to finally see those incredible northern lights while on the cruise. If you don’t, you’re lucky, because Havila Voyages has a “Northern Lights Promise!”

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What is it, you ask? It’s a guarantee for a free six or seven-day cruise the next year that includes all meals to give you another chance. If that’s not great motivation, we don’t know what is. Check out Havila Voyage’s website to see the rates and dates for this epic experience.

Ashton Kutcher Keeps Wearing These Jon Hamm-Approved Sneakers

With spring fast approaching, individuals searching for a reason to purchase new favorite sneakers suitable for the upcoming warm weather can find ideas from Ashton Kutcher. Cariuma sneakers, which have gained immense popularity online in recent times, were spotted being worn by the celebrity.

Ashton Kutcher’s Sneakers

Ashton Kutcher Wears Cariuma Sneakers

Ashton Kutcher is just the most recent celebrity to wear Cariuma sneakers. So far, popular celebrities sporting them include Robert Downey Jr., Pete Davidson, and Jon Hamm. As Kutcher has been actively promoting his latest Netflix romantic comedy film, Your Place or Mine, alongside his co-star Reese Witherspoon, it’s logical that he has opted for sneakers that have been praised for their sustainability, comfort, and fashionable appearance.

Ashton Kutcher Wears Cariuma Sneakers

It appears that Kutcher’s preferred choice of footwear is the OCA Low in All Black Canvas by Cariuma, which are available in various colors and materials, including leather and suede. Initially marketed as skateboarding shoes like Vans and Converse, Cariuma sneakers have gradually evolved into a versatile and practical footwear option for almost any event. Additionally, the OCA Low style sneaker is unisex, with both the men’s and women’s designs being virtually identical except for the size range.

Ashton Kutcher Has a New Movie

Besides receiving endorsements from Kutcher and his colleagues, the OCA Low sneaker from Cariuma has earned 6,000 five-star ratings. Numerous customers have provided enthusiastic feedback about the comfort of these sneakers, attributing it to the lightweight construction and convenient fit provided by the brand. According to one customer, they were genuinely comfortable and haven’t caused any blisters on their heels like other new shoes would. Other reviewers echoed similar sentiments, with one stating they’ve purchased four pairs of Cariumas.

Ashton Kutcher Has a New Movie

One of the advantages of purchasing Cariuma is that the buyer would be supporting a highly conscientious brand. Cariuma advertises that it utilizes only ethical factories and high-quality, environmentally-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled plastics, organic mamona oil, and cork. Moreover, for every pair of shoes purchased, it plants a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest.