Multi-Generational Holidays: Which One Is Best for the Whole Family?

Multi-generational holidays may seem fun and interesting but they also require a certain amount of planning, especially when it comes to the location of the vacation and the different types of activities.

Multi-Generational Holidays: Which One Is Best for the Whole Family?

Here are three interesting options to consider when going on vacation with both kids and parents.

Take a Cruise — There’s Something for Everyone

Cruises have always been a popular vacation choice. The greatest thing about them is that they offer something for everyone. Children and teenagers can enjoy doing sports while adults and seniors can play deck games. Entire families can attend different shows, including comedy sets, as well as test their singing abilities on karaoke nights.

Taking a cruise is also a great way to explore several new places in a single trip. Furthermore, with all the catering taken care of, vacationers don’t have to worry about mundane tasks such as doing the groceries, cooking, or washing the dishes. Instead, they can simply lay back, chill, and enjoy their new adventure surrounded by their loved ones.

US Self-Catering — Affordable and Fun

Self-catering holidays are easy to organize and extremely affordable. They allow vacationers to explore new regions of their country without missing any of the comforts they have in their homes.

There are numerous self-catering holiday homes in the United States, which means people can easily choose a base camp that is equally easy for everyone to reach, especially if their family members are scattered all over the country. The only downside of this type of vacation is that people have to spend time doing chores such as cooking and cleaning.

Renting a Villa Abroad — For Memorable Holidays

Renting a villa abroad is a guaranteed formula for great and memorable holidays. Vacationers can choose a location that is known for its amazing weather such as Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Uruguay, etc. In addition, most vacation villas come with a swimming pool, which means that kids will never be bored, and if swimming in the sea is a must, have no worries as a beach will most likely be located within walking distance.

While the logistics of this type of vacation can be complex and time-consuming, the effort is well worth it because everyone in the family, from the youngest to the oldest member will have a superb experience, which they will talk about for a very long time.

Multi-generational holidays are becoming more and more popular because the cost is shared between a number of people, but most importantly because families get to do things together.