Matera Is a City That Offers Its Visitors Great Experiences

Matera is a hidden gem nestled in the arch of Italy’s boot, almost faded away into history. Abandoned in the 1970s, this ancient town miraculously thrived again with the determination and resilience of its locals. In 2019, it was honored as a European Capital of Culture, becoming renowned as one of Italy’s most breathtaking destinations.

Matera Is Wonderful

Matera Is a City That Offers Its Visitors Great Experiences
Matera Is Wonderful

Matera has a rich history with its ancient stones, architectural complexity, and the authenticity of its cuisine. It offers a unique haven for travelers with a deep appreciation for art and culinary delights, allowing them to witness the harmonious coexistence between humanity and the surrounding landscape.

Matera offers a myriad of attractions and activities that promise to captivate every visitor. Hiking through Murgia Materana Park rewards adventurers with breathtaking views, historic churches, and fascinating caves. A guided tour with an expert allows travelers to explore the city’s neighborhoods, delve into its history, and marvel at the cave houses, rupestrian churches, conduits, and underground cisterns. The Church of Saint Mary of Idris stands out among the numerous historic churches, offering both interior frescoes and an exterior view that showcases its remarkable cliffside construction. And for a touch of modernity, the Museo della Scultura Contemporanea Matera displays a captivating collection of sculptures within a 17th-century palace.

Matera’s Cuisine Is Great

Matera’s Cuisine Is Great

Indulging in the local cuisine is a must-do experience in Matera. Trattoria del Caveoso, situated within a cliff, allows guests to savor fresh pasta, grilled sausages, and succulent beef filet, complemented by regional drinks. Il Rusticone specializes in mouth-watering pizzas, while Vitantonio Lombardo Ristorante, located in a grotto, offers an elegant evening with visionary tasting menus prepared by chef Vitantonio Lombardo, who has earned the restaurant a coveted Michelin star.

The best time to visit Matera is during the mild winters, making it a year-round destination. One exceptional summer event worth considering is the Madonna Della Bruna festival, held on July 2nd, featuring lively parades, vibrant parties, and magnificent fireworks. However, if summer heat is not your preference, consider planning your trip in the fall or spring when temperatures hover in the comfortable range of 60s to 70s.

How to Get There

How to Get There

To reach Matera, the closest airport is Bari Palese Airport, followed by a shuttle bus ride. Alternatively, buses and trains are available from major cities in Italy, although train journeys can be quite lengthy. Once in Matera, exploring the town on foot is the best way to navigate its narrow streets, while taxis are available for shorter journeys.

Matera’s incredible resurgence from abandonment to cultural accolades is a testament to the determination and love its residents have for their hometown. Visitors to this awe-inspiring destination are rewarded with a journey through time, where ancient history merges with contemporary delights, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and memories.

For Dads: A Guide to Children’s Mental Health

For many generations, men were not encouraged to show their feelings and talk about them. They were brought up with the words “just man up,” “boys don’t cry,” and similar ones that we all know so well. Nowadays, many of these men begin to realize they need to look after themselves and take mental health more seriously than the previous generations did. But, what if men were encouraged to look within themselves back in their teen years or even before that? There’s not much you can do about the past, but a lot can be done for the future — our children.

For Dads: A Guide to Children's Mental Health Mental Health Before Manliness

The sad truth is that many men have been brought up by fathers who had little to no mental health support themselves, which made things difficult for many young boys and grown, adult men. Many would not be able to recognize, show, and talk about their emotions because, over the years, they have been told to “man up” multiple times. Sometimes, even subtler comments may lead a young child to capsulate their feeling and just ignore mental health altogether at a very early age.

But, the thing is, if we want to raise healthy and happy children, we shouldn’t tell boys not to cry. Boys do feel, do get upset, and they certainly do cry. And they most certainly should! This is why it’s so important to create a safe space for your children to talk about their feelings and show them that it’s okay to be upset and talk about it. If you’re doing that, you’re already on the right track to raising men who will recognize the importance of mental health and seek support when they need it without feeling embarrassed.

“I Won’t Talk About it With You, Dad”

It’s not nice to hear these words but your child has the right to refuse to share personal stuff with you. Don’t get upset or angry if this happens but try a different approach. As this usually becomes an issue when the child gets a bit older, you can try sending them a link to a platform or another safe space where they can find great mental health and wellbeing advice that’s appropriate for their age. Once they’re ready to talk or find out it’s better to seek the help of professionals, they may come back to you and talk. If they feel like it’s time to speak with an expert, be supportive and see if they would like to go with you, or maybe they would prefer to do that with your partner.

Boy teenager at a psychologist at the office's Things a Dad Should Never Say

There are many things that you could say to your child when they’re struggling mentally. They would be specific to your family dynamic, the situation, and the character of your child. It’s important to choose the right words and be careful if they have come to you with their mental health struggles. With that said, be sure to never use the following phrases:

  • Just cheer up!
  • Deal with it!
  • Suck it up and get on with it!
  • Pull yourself together!
  • Just stop feeling like that!
  • Why can’t you be normal?

By saying any of these, you absolutely won’t achieve your goal. You can only worsen the way your child feels and no dad would like to see their child struggling, right? Being open and honest about the way you feel doesn’t make you less of a man, always remember that.