Las Vegas Named Most Fun City in the U.S.

Pexels // Paul IJsendoorn

Those who like partying should move to or visit Las Vegas as soon as possible. Recent research shows that it is the most fun city in the U.S.A. Which, when we think about it, isn’t so surprising!

Metrics of the Study

180 U.S. cities were compared across 65 key metrics, such as the number of fitness centers per capita, the cost of going to the movies, the average opening hours of area breweries, the diversity of restaurants, and the number of attractions.

These metrics fell into three categories: Entertainment and recreation, nightlife and parties, and costs. To define a fun place, researchers kept things simple. This city should offer a bit of everything for everybody—except the most extreme thrills.

Las Vegas Is the Most Fun City

After the results were calculated, Las Vegas turned out to be the most fun city. It took the first spot in both entertainment and recreation, as well as nightlife and parties. The city is renowned for its performers, especially music performers. Relative to other cities, Las Vegas has quite a high number of music festivals and venues.

And, although Las Vegas isn’t the cheapest city to have fun, it is in the middle of the pack when it comes to activity and food costs. Its cost ranking is 78th, which was a surprising find.

Other Fun Cities

Orlando was ranked number two for fun, mostly due to its many theme parks. Orlando is followed by Miami, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Marketing experts, though, advise people not to be afraid to try less famous destinations.

Pexels // Pixabey

Senior lecturer of marketing at Kennesaw State University Tyra Burton gives the little-known Cartersville, Georgia as an example of such a place. Although the city doesn’t have a zoo or aquarium like Atlanta does, they have excellent science, car, art, and history museums offering combo tickets and special events. But, it’s not quite Vegas, is it?!

Hugh Grant Confirms Glass Onion Fan Theories on His Quick Appearance

Hugh Grant has been warming many hearts, even since his first roles as a romantic leading man before he took on more serious movie roles. He is a charming English actor, born in 1960, and we can expect his new role soon enough. But first, he has finally confirmed fan theories of his cameo in Knives Out 2: Glass Onion.

Knives Out 2: Glass Onion

The first Knives Out crime and mystery movie was a huge success, and now fans can enjoy the follow-up with a magnificent cast and Daniel Craig in the role of lead detective Benoit Blanc in the newest case. The scene is set on an island where stars like Kate Hudson, WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, and more will be under the watchful eye of the detective until a case is solved. Fans can expect a thrill-filled movie with top-notch acting!

Hugh Grant Confirms Cameo

Fans have been spewing out specific theories as to the appearance of Hugh Grant in the new Knives Out movie, and they finally got the confirmation they needed. Grant says he does indeed appear for a short time, and as it turns out, he is married to the detective played by Daniel Craig. He jokes that he is married to James Bond, and as we all know, Craig has appeared in James Bond movies over the years.

What to Expect From Hugh Grant

Although the remarkable actor’s appearance in Glass Onion is short, fans must not be disappointed. They will get to watch Grant as the villain in the new Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie. The fantasy adventure will be out in March of 2023, so his followers don’t have to wait too long.

High Grant says that the first Knives Out was a blast, so he thought – why not? Why not appear in the second one, called Glass Onion? He would show up for some time and have fun with it. Fans can read about the now-confirmed cameo or check it out on Netflix.