Cuyama Buckhorn — a Hidden Gem in California’s High Desert

Southern California has so much to offer to the avid traveler and weekend getaway lover. Cruising along the Santa Barbara coast, hopping on a ferry to Catalina Island, and exploring the beautiful desert in Joshua Tree are just a few of the trips you can plan in the area. But, if you’re looking for a destination less traveled, the recently renovated 1950s motel, Cuyama Buckhorn, in rural Cuyama Valley might be just the thing.

The Perfect Weekend Getaway Spot

Cuyama Buckhorn
Tucked away in rural Cuyama Valley, the renovated motel is just about two and a half hours north of L.A. While spending a night in a decades-old motel in the middle of carrot fields might sound like the perfect setup for a horror film, the reality couldn’t be farther from that. Cuyama Buckhorn checks all the boxes for the ultimate weekend getaway — imagine fine wine, good food, and the serenity of a desert oasis… plus the charm of that classic Western cowboy flair.

The Old Time’s Charm of Cuyama Buckhorn

Located in New Cuyama, a town established in the early 1950s after the discovery of oil in the valley, the Buckhorn motel was built in 1952. The motel changed ownership a couple of times throughout the years until it was eventually purchased by two L.A.-based architects in 2018.

Restoring the property to its former glory was no simple feat, but the team did it. The result? A 21-room boutique hotel housing a farm-to-table restaurant, a bar serving craft cocktails, a cozy coffee shop, and an overall experience you’ll never forget. The interior is a blend between the old and the new, and that signature Western feel binds it all together.

Surrounded by miles of mountain hikes, biking trails, fine dining, and adventure opportunities at every turn, Cuyama Valley won’t fail to become your new favorite getaway spot outside of L.A!