This Caribbean Island Is the Perfect Place to Enjoy Luxury, Scuba Diving, and Beaches

Everyone knows the Caribbean is full of perfect islands and gorgeous tourist destinations, but most people only focus on the popular places. People go to the Dominican Republic, Anguilla, or St. Thomas and those places can get quite busy during the holiday season. There are plenty of hidden gems, and one is Scrub Island. It’s a low-key, 230-acre paradise retreat that offers people all the luxury features of other resorts but is farther away from countless tourists and cruise ships.

Caribbean Island to Enjoy Luxury, Scuba Diving, and Perfect Beaches
Where Does the Name Come From?

The fun name with which the Caribbean Island carries has quite a captivating story. It doesn’t come from the locals or tourists, and it wasn’t brought up by the original settlers. Pirates named the island long ago when they stumbled upon it. A group of swashbucklers was said to have dropped anchor nearby to clean barnacles off the boats and dubbed the spot Scrub Island, which has stuck till today.

When to Visit the Caribbean Island

If you’ve done your research, you know that Scrub Island, like the others, is overwhelmed with strong winds and hurricane season from June to November. In 2017, Hurricane Irma did a number on it. However, many people still choose the fall to avoid high prices and the busy season. If you ask sailors, they recommend March, but the clearest water for scuba diving is in winter and spring. Keep the timeline straight and decide when is best for you.

Activities to Choose From

There are so many activities to choose from at this Caribbean resort that you might want to go for more than a few days. You can enjoy suntanning on the white-sand beaches, go kayaking, visit hiking trails, or even mount a paddleboard! And that’s not all! You can book boat sailing lessons and even go on a dive expedition to see the ruins of sunken ships. The activities are endless – you can pick the one that excites you most!

Where to Dine

There are plenty of places to enjoy a healthy breakfast, a lovely dinner, or some refreshments with friends, and you can look through the menus and choose. All the restaurants and cafes have gorgeous views, which you can enjoy for hours while sipping fresh orange juice or enjoying local cuisine.

Getting to this Caribbean paradise island is not difficult – you could be there as early as tomorrow if your schedule is free. Check your calendar, book the flights, and enjoy a luxurious, sun-filled vacation!