Cairo Is a City of Diversity That’s Certainly Worth a Visit

Passionate travelers often find themselves reading travel articles and know that capitals can be quite boring. Of course, there are always exceptions, and Cairo, Egypt, is one of them. It’s nothing like a skyscraper extravaganza or a show of bustling city traffic. In fact, Cairo is a multi-diverse cultural center that offers a massive package of sights to visitors.

Citadels, Palaces, and Places of Cultural Significance Are All Over Cairo

Roaming through Cairo is an adventure every day. The city can take a person back through several eras and is home to royal palaces, Egyptian markets, museums, and more. The Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Citadel is one such place. It’s located in the old city of Cairo and sits on top of the Al Mukattam hills. It has a viewpoint over the whole city and was constructed by Sultan Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi. The citadel has huge walls and stands at one of the highest points of Cairo. Here, are several museums, including the Royal Vehicle Museum, the Police Museum, and the Military Museum.

Muhammad Ali Palace Is a Place Every Tourist in Cairo Should Visit

Muhammad Ali was a sultan for 43 years and contributed a lot to the state welfare during his time. Naturally, he has his own palace that’s rather extravagant and has a mix of multi-cultured styles. It’s composed of the Islamic style but mixed with the vibrancy of Persian and Mamluk features, with influences of Syrian, Andalusian, and Moroccan motives. It has a clock tower, throne hall, reception hall, hunting museum, and many other tourist attractions. The multiple styles are overwhelming and can transfer a visitor to a different world, where various cultures exist all at once.

Cairo offers many other locations to cultural enthusiasts and certainly brings a unique feeling to any bystander.