Five Winter-Weight Blazers Everyone Needs to Have in Their Wardrobe

Once you get through a searing summer, it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons. Of course, this means replacing cotton and breezy linens with other materials to help withstand much cooler temperatures. Those include tweed, wool, and cashmere. To prepare the wardrobe for winter, you should also pay overcoats the necessary attention. We’re talking blazers.

Plan B for the Cold Season

Undoubtedly, there are several pieces everyone’s already lined up in their wardrobes to tackle most forecasts. Still, even the most versatile wool requires a plan B! After all, what if there’s nothing to wear if temperatures plunge way more than expected? Surely, one option is to dress in countless layers. That’s neither practical nor fashionable. A more weighty alternative to the full-blizzard fit exists. Something that would effortlessly replace a full-season sport jacket. They can fit almost any and every style and keep a person warm in freezing temperatures. Interested yet?

Winter blazers

Blazers to Fit Any Style

It doesn’t matter whether you think finely tailored tweed is not for you. In fact, it can suit anyone. Many brands have begun releasing their interpretations of the best blazers to get a person through a cold winter. With the proper understanding and a touch of extra style, a blazer can fit any occasion. And we do mean any! Throw in a comfy turtleneck underneath the new find, and the result will be amusing! An ace up your sleeve is putting on a cricket sweater over the blazer (seemingly carelessly).

So, now that we’ve warmed up, let’s dive headlong into what we have in store! We’ve prepared five unique blazers to keep you warm and give you the much-desired panache. Whether you’re a fashion aficionado or simply love comfort, the following pieces will make a difference in your outfit!

Ralph Lauren RL67 Jacket

Ralph Lauren RL67 jacket

Intriguing and stylish, Ralph Lauren’s piece fits anyone’s perception of casual wear with its countryside details, including an extended throat latch and flap pockets. It’s made with a wool-alpaca blend, providing both warmth and luxury.

Bonobos Unstructured Italian Wool blazer

Bonobos unstructured Italian wool blazer

One of the most suitable blazers for wearing a shaggy sweater, this comfy piece doesn’t feature any of the fussy lining incorporated in suit jackets.

Giuliva Heritage ‘Stefano’ Blazer in Camel Hair

Giuliva Heritage ‘Stefano’ blazer in camel hair

Choose a camel coat and enjoy an instant affluent look. Add up to the camel coat with a black turtleneck, or make a fashion statement by putting a trashed tee underneath it.

Drake’s Cotton Corduroy Games Blazer Mk. I

Drake’s cotton corduroy Games Blazer Mk. I

Fashion aficionados who don’t want their blazers to be made of heavy woolen fabrics can opt for this unique dense corduroy coat. You can always add a nice touch with a baggy hoodie.

Aspesi Kuki Garment-Dyed Cotton-Corduroy Blazer

Aspesi Kuki garment-dyed cotton-corduroy blazer

This corduroy option is another showstopper! Its looser fit makes it ideal for any occasion. Just put on white trashed jeans and enjoy the fashion statement!

The blazers listed above are suitable for a variety of budgets and occasions. And they’ll certainly do their part in keeping their wearer warm and stylish! It’s time for a new shopping spree!

Eggy Pizza Is Chef Marc Forgione’s Perfect Toddler Breakfast

The acclaimed Iron Chef, Marc Forgione uses an interesting recipe to make the mornings of his three-year-old child fun. The young chef understands the power of good branding, and nearly every morning, he makes his three-year-old son Sonny a unique frittata breakfast. He follows a simple, healthy recipe that’s easy to prepare and can be used as a vessel for leftover vegetables. Forgione also wanted to make it a bit more special and exciting to a toddler, so he cut it into triangle slices and called it Eggy Pizza.

Chef Marc Forgione Makes Eggy Pizza Breakfast for His Son Regularly

According to Forgione, Eggy Pizza is a perfect example of taking a mundane breakfast and making it more playful. According to him, he sometimes uses zucchini and sometimes tomatoes, and sometimes even puts broccoli and onions, as well as other vegetables from dinner the day before. He has also shared that Sonny would get excited about the Eggy Pizza every time. Whether he would cook for customers or his child, Forgione tries to follow the same principles.

Forgione Invented the Eggy Pizza When Making Breakfast for Sonny

Eggy Pizza Is Chef Marc Forgione’s Perfect Toddler Breakfast

Playfulness was always a definitive trait of Forgione’s cooking. Being the son of legendary chef Larry Forgione, he started working in kitchens at 16 and opened his restaurant, Marc Forgione, at 29. He then became the youngest American chef to get consecutive Michelin stars. Today, he is also the owner of American Cut steakhouse and the youngest person to ever receive the title of Iron Chef. Recently, he got handed the keys to the celebrated rustic Italian restaurant Peasant and devised the Eggy Pizza while making its new menu. Apparently, he got the idea one morning when he was making breakfast for Sonny.

Making Breakfast for Sonny Has Become Like a Ritual for Forgione

Making the Eggy Pizza breakfast is crucial for Forgione and his relationship with his family. His demanding schedule usually means that he’s rarely home for dinner, so breakfast represents his prized father-son time. According to Forgione, the ritual of preparing the dish helps him ground himself at the moment. He also says he was lucky that Sonny’s always been an eater, so convincing him to take bites of his father’s meals was never a difficult task. For parents who do not feel very confident in the kitchen, Forgione has some advice, and that is to start with something simple. For him, the Eggy Pizza is a perfect example because making it doesn’t require the skills of a professional chef. Still, he emphasizes that taking a moment to sit down and eat with the kids is something they would definitely appreciate and bring the whole family together.