5 Summer Throw-On Options for Stylish Rugby Shirt Lovers

Chilly summers are the worst! They are too cold for a T-shirt but too hot for a jacket. So what should men do when they are exposed to such weather? Rugby shirts, that’s what.

5 Summer Throw-On Options for Stylish Rugby Shirt LoversMen’s rugby shirts have been greatly improved in recent years. So much, that they have become trendy summer attire. The best models have the shape and structure of collegiate standard shirts, but with brighter and better designs.

They are considered to be practical because they are heavy but loose, casual, but slightly formal. They are the ideal clothing item for summer days with an autumn or spring vibe.

Here are five rugby shirt models that every man should consider having in their wardrobe.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren – The Hamptonian Option

Polo Ralph Lauren - The Hamptonian Option Ralph Lauren’s navy blue rugby shirt is as clean as the famous fashion company gets. It’s pure, unadulterated, and has an exquisite Hamptonian elegance, which makes the wearer feel like a million dollars. The white-collar is the perfect finishing touch and contributes greatly to the shirt’s never-dying popularity.

2. Drake’s – The Versatile Rugby Shirt

Drake’s - The Versatile Rugby ShirtFew clothing brands in the world scream British elegance more loudly than Drake’s. The company is renowned for handcrafting eye-catching clothes that can slot into suits, as well as casual weekend garments. Their rugby shirts are no exception as they can be matched with shorts and trainers with the same success as with blazers and slacks.

3. Converse x Jack Purcell – A High-End Collaboration

Converse x Jack Purcell - A High-End CollaboratioWhen the popular American shoe company Converse announced its collaboration with Jack Purcell, lots of people were excited to discover their collection. The duo’s rugby shirt is simply said, fabulous. The right sleeve features a dark coral red stripe while the left has a pastel-ish sky blue band. The torso is adorned with a navy blue stripe, which contrasts with the predominant white tone of the shirt.

4. Ami – With a Pinch of Parisian Fashion

 Ami - With a Pinch of Parisian Fashion Ami’s rugby shirts can make men feel like actors in Amélie wandering the streets of Paris. The white and blue stripes are a classic combination, which gives the garment a colorful, carefree, and inherently easy appearance.

5. Lanvin – Luxury at Its Finest

Lanvin - Luxury at Its FinestLanvin’s rugby shirt is the epitome of contemporary chic. The oldest fashion house in the world has crafted a one-of-a-kind half-and-half summer attire that features a black and pink right side and a green, blue, and white left side.

These are only five rugby shirts that men can consider wearing during the summer to feel comfortable and stylish regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Ronaldo Makes History by Scoring 20 Goals for 12th Consecutive Season

Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest soccer players to have ever played the game. Since his debut in 2002, the forward has broken a myriad of records, and despite having celebrated his 36th birthday in February, he isn’t showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

Cristiano Ronaldo during his presentation as a Juventus player in the summer of 2018.
Ronaldo Makes History by Scoring 20 Goals for 12th Consecutive Season

Ronaldo Celebrated Two Remarkable Milestones in a Single Game

On March 2, 2021, the Juventus player made his 600th league appearance against Spezia. The Portuguese striker also scored his 20th goal for the 2020/2021 Seria A season, meaning that he reached the twenty-goal mark for a 12th consecutive season.

Ronaldo netted the third goal in his team’s 3-0 victory on home soil. He concluded a rapid counter-attack after being assisted by Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur. The first two goals were scored by Spanish striker Alvaro Morata and Italian winger Federico Chiesa.

Ronaldo and Bonucci celebrating the former's second goal during a 3-0 victory against Barcelona in the Champions Leagues 20/21 group stage.
Ronaldo Makes History by Scoring 20 Goals for 12th Consecutive Season

With this goal, Cristiano became the first player in the history of soccer to score at least 20 goals in one of Europe’s top five leagues for twelve straight seasons. The milestone allowed him to win another battle in his legendary rivalry against the Argentine Lionel Messi who is currently at 19 goals and is soon expected to become the second player with this stunning achievement.

Juventus Is Getting Closer to the League’s Top

The victory against Spezia allowed the “Bianconeri” to move within four points of AC Milan in the third position of the Seria A table. The Italian championship is currently topped by Inter Milan who is ten points ahead of Juventus, but the Turin-side has a game in hand.

Despite being in great form, experts aren’t convinced that Ronaldo will be able to help his side win their tenth consecutive Seria A title. The “Bianconeri” have been inconsistent throughout the season while Inter under the management of former-Juventus coach, Antonio Conte are showing a significant improvement in compression with previous seasons.

Ronaldo congratulating Italian winger Federico Chiesa for his goal against AC Milan in a 3-1 victory.
Ronaldo Makes History by Scoring 20 Goals for 12th Consecutive Season

One thing is certain, the remaining games until the championship’s finale will keep Seria A enthusiasts in absolute suspense.