The McDonald’s + Crocs Collaboration Is as Weird as You Thought It’d Be

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Two of our favorite franchises, McDonald’s and Crocs, recently released an unexpected limited edition collection. The collaboration was inspired by McDonald’s well-known and loved characters and meals.

Let’s admit it: who wouldn’t wear Grimace-themed sandals? Well… us. But let’s look a little closer before we make any big decisions.

McDonald’s X Crocs: A Fun Collaboration

The collaboration was released on November 14. Apart from limited edition Crocs footwear, it includes socks and Jibbitz charms. The sandals and accessories are colorful and vibrant, and McDonald’s signature characters look cuter than ever, the star of the show is definitely the Grimace “Cozzzy” sandals.

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They are inspired by everyone’s favorite McDonald’s character, Grimace. You even have the egg McMuffin as a little detail and a pair of matching socks that have Birdie’s face on them. Crocs have also thought about Hamburglar’s fans. The pair is made up of black and white stripes and has little hamburgers all over it. The price for the limited items can range from $70 to $75, and the socks are $20 for a pair.

McDonald’s and Their Iconic Character

McDonald’s iconic character, Grimace, celebrated his birthday in June. To honor their star, the brand released a limited-edition purple milkshake as part of a special Grimace Birthday Meal. It also included the classics: a Big Mac or 10-piece chicken nuggets and fries.

Even though we still don’t know what Grimace is, everyone loves his fun and colorful look and bright smile. It makes us think that the purple drink was just like him: sugary and extra sweet. By the way, we’re still not convinced about whether we’d buy a pair—but we may take some if they were lying around unattended on the street!

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