Boundary-Pushing Director Jordan Peele Had a Very Stylish and Big Year

Jordan Peele has transitioned from doing crude sketch comedy to genre-bending movies over the past five years. Another change occurred along the road, particularly in the last six months, Peele has subtly evolved into one of Hollywood’s best-dressed men, all the while maintaining his signature appearance.

Boundary-Pushing Director Jordan Peele Had a Very Stylish & Big Year

Jordan Peele Has Style!

At the beginning of his career, you could often spot Peele on the red carpet wearing quite conventional attire. Black suits with thin black ties, or a black tuxedo with a black bowtie when the situation called for it. Traditionally, his more laid-back ensembles included a flannel over a graphic T-shirt or a denim jacket over a checkered button-up. From his basic black-rimmed glasses to his laid-back appearance, it was an everyman look.

His casual attire today is a more fashionable take on what he would have worn five years ago. He hasn’t abandoned his collection of graphic t-shirts; rather, he pairs them with simpler shirts and bottoms. He will wear a bold jacket with a simple white t-shirt and black pants. You may be wondering about his more formal appearance…

He recently arrived at an event in Los Angeles dressed in a wide-wale corduroy suit from Todd Snyder, complete with a double-breasted blazer and loose-fitting brown pants. He wore an eye-catching purple suit made by Bode, especially for the premiere of his most recent film. Throughout the year, Jordan Peele appears to swing back and forth between these two stylistic extremes: more subdued tailoring like his merlot-hued suit, and brighter hues like his sky blue ensemble.

Stylist Chris Horan Helped Jordan

His beard and graying hair have gotten shorter and shorter throughout, but they have always looked just right scruffy. His clothing’s hues always seem to go well with the silver. He now wears bolder eyewear than he did in the past, including eye-catching Garrett Leight and Andy Wolf frames. Jordan Peele probably had assistance from Chris Horan, a stylist. Horan has watched how Peele dressed and has worked with him to push that to new heights, in contrast to some Hollywood stylists who like to simply throw current expensive clothes at their clients and see what sticks.

Horan’s other well-known clientele includes Christina Aguilera and Charli XCX. Unquestionably, Peele and Horan have discovered the ideal balance of fashion: informal ensembles with just the right amount of sharpness and suits that alternate between wonderfully loud and muted and elegant styles. And throughout it all, Jordan Peele maintains his signature unique director appearance with stylish clothing.