Crocs Reveals a Limited-Edition Shrek Version of the Clog Will Be Released

Crocs Releases a Limited-Edition Shrek Version of the Shoe
Crocs Reveals a Limited-Edition Shrek Version of the Clog Will Be Released

Forget about all the shoes you’ve owned in the past because Crocs is coming out with a new variant soon. As you probably guessed from the title, it is in collaboration with everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek. In this article, we reveal more details about this unexpected partnership and people’s reactions.

The New Crocs Release

Whether you like to wear high heels, sneakers, or boots – those will be completely irrelevant soon. The reason? Crocs is releasing a clog design that will conquer the shoe industry.

The Shrek-themed shoe is definitely unexpected, but we’re not complaining. The Croc will come in the well-known ogre green color and has fluffy, brown, adjustable heel straps. Not only that, but a green ears and nose were added to complete the look.

People’s Reactions

Unsurprisingly, people were blown away by the simple yet unique design. Many fans were ready to order a pair and pay homage to their favorite character.

People’s Reactions

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official release date revealed yet. Guess we’ll have to wait and see to get our hands on our new favorite green shoe. But we know for certain that one Canadian woman will be queueing up on release date.

Meet Rayann, the World’s Biggest Crocs Fan

Rayann is called the Croc Queen for a good reason. Her  impressive collection of Crocs has been widely shared on social media. According to the Daily Mail, she owns 159 pairs of Crocs and is on the lookout for more. In 2022, Rayann bolstered her collection by buying a whopping 50 pairs of Crocs and more than 700 jibbitz, the specialized charms designed for adding to a Croc.

People on TikTok often ask her about her love for the divisive shoe, some of which she has never even worn. Apparently, Rayann’s Croc collection can no longer fit onto one wall or frame for TikTok. If she wanted to, she could wear a different pair every two days for a year. However, she has challenged herself to wear a different one every day until her feet have broken in every single one!

5 Outdoor Entertaining Trends Defining How We’ll Gather Outside in 2023

It’s no secret that the importance of outdoor spaces has increased in recent years. People have always cherished them, but you can always gain a new appreciation for your front or backyard, terrace, and other outdoor entertaining areas even more. They can be turned into makeshift classrooms, offices, dining rooms, and so much more.

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas Defining Family & Guest Gatherings in 2023
Outdoor Entertainment Trends

Outdoor Entertaining Has Gained Popularity

Everyone desires outdoor space, and ultimately, to make it as well-equipped and comfortable as possible. This increased significance has transformed outdoor space from a luxury to a necessity. After all, backyards are a must-have home feature. And while the number of outdoor trends is beginning to rival that of indoor trends, the majority of them revolve around entertainment. Here are a few ideas that can truly define outdoor gatherings on your property in 2023.

Comfortable Outdoor Corners

Comfortable Outdoor Corners

As people are attempting to create space for everyone to be outside, they are gravitating to larger outdoor entertaining areas, so there is still a need to provide quieter pockets. In recent years, the conversation cove has garnered attention for providing such spaces for conversing and catching up with a small group of people, even as the party rages just beyond the hedge.

Consider where a smaller subset of gathering might be able to settle quietly, either to have a quiet conversation or to take a brief break from the noise and chatter when redesigning an outdoor space for entertaining. Providing a secluded area where you can have a quick chat with guests you haven’t seen in a while will also increase your satisfaction with the gathering.

Outdoor Entertainment for All Guests

In recent years, high-end outdoor spaces have favored clean lines, hard surfaces, and all the amenities that people desire, such as oversized dining tables and kitchens. If everyone is going to be outside, everyone must have activities to occupy them outside, and this includes various options for children.

This trend in outdoor entertaining invites everyone to participate in activities. Experts identify outdoor activities such as tumble towers and croquet as popular this year, plus the popularity of backyard bocce ball courts remains strong.

Grownups and children can enjoy these activities, but there is a trend for ensuring that children have structures that are as appealing to them as elaborate grilling setups are for adults. Specialists report an increase in customer interest in treehouses, slides, and play structures, as parents strive to create outdoor spaces that are enjoyable and enriching for both children and adults.

Combining Practicality With Entertainment Potential

Combining Practicality With Entertainment Potential

A variety of outdoor entertaining trends is commendable, but, as with most fashions, you should always select and choose those that best suit your personal preferences and way of life. However, there is one trend that everyone can adopt: not sacrificing functionality for aesthetic appeal. A beautiful outdoor entertaining space is a delightful addition to any home, but it should not come at the expense of your garden space or general outdoor green space if you value these outdoor elements. With proper planning, you can even make your outdoor practical endeavors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire outdoor entertaining area.