2 Brothers Spent 4 Years Building the Style Calculator App

2 Brothers Spent 4 Years Building the “Style Calculator” App
2 Brothers Spent 4 Years Building the Style Calculator App

If you have ever caught yourself wondering what clothes to wear in the morning, Ruban and Mayan Rajendran understand your pain, and they can help. A few years ago, Mayan, 33, who is a menswear designer and a visiting lecturer at Cornell University with over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, and his brother Ruban, 30 years old, a full stack developer, sketched out a plan for a style calculator that can help men dress by teaching them what to pair with various basic items of clothing.

What Inspired Them to Make the Style Calculator for Men?

Making the “Style Calculator” For Men
2 Brothers Spent 4 Years Building the Style Calculator App

Mayan shares that he has worked in the fashion industry in some capacity for over ten years. He has an affinity for clothes and a lot of experience in retail. Over the years, he found himself in a position where he was often called upon for his opinion. One person to whom he would give his thoughts was his brother. Being the older brother, Mayan would share whatever he was seeing and learning about clothes. As Mayan made his way through university as a painter and began his MA in fashion, the conversations around clothes became more and more frequent. Ruban was getting his Mechanical Engineering degree at the time, and he would share his ideas and thoughts about fashion, colors, and sneakers.

After Ruban moved into computer science after his degree, the brothers started having more serious conversations about how they could simplify the solution to the universal question that has been putting a lot of weight on the shoulders of men for years, “Honey, what do I wear with this?”

Initially, Ruban started the project while he was getting his computer science diploma. Mayan brought the idea to him as this was a great way to apply his learning to something he was genuinely interested in. During this time, they were building the first iteration of the style calculator app, which looked a lot different than what it is today.

The creators of the "style calculator" Ruban (left) and Mayan (right) Rajendran
2 Brothers Spent 4 Years Building the Style Calculator App

Background in Fashion

Mayan’s professional career has taken him to New York, Honk Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Milan, Berlin, Paris, and Frankfurt. He had worked alongside several reputable brands, stylists, and agencies throughout his career. He knows that style is subjective but his experience, track record, and instincts have proven their merit in the industry.

The Best PIece of Style Advice to Men

Mayan advises men to keep it simple. They should pay attention to how clothes affect their posture. Finding a good tailor is also recommended as a style has no price.