Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s Sports Venture Has New Investors

A lot has transpired since Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy announced their TMRW Sports company was going into its first sports venture, which is a new TGL golf league. Now, the first investors have joined the project, and the group includes sports team owners, champion athletes like Serena Williams, and stars like Justin Timberlake.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s Sports Venture Has New Investors

Tiger Woods Gets New Investors

TMRW Sports’ TGL golf league will get going in January 2024. Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and their new sports startup have drawn some big-name investors. The company announced the new investment group recently, and it includes race car driver Lewis Hamilton, basketball great Stephen Curry, pro football’s Tony Romo and Josh Allen, women’s soccer player Alex Morgan, Serena Williams, and Justin Timberlake. There are also several professional team sports owners on the list.

Tiger Woods Hasn’t Shared Any Details

So far, neither Tiger Woods nor Rory McIlroy has disclosed anything regarding the financial terms of the deal. CEO and co-founder of TMRW Sports Mike McCarley stated that the leadership of the company wanted a group of people with a vision for how technology can make sports more culturally relevant and accessible. He also shared that the hoped to attract new and different groups of fans, particularly younger fans and families.

So far, pro sports owners who have taken a stake include Philadelphia 76ers co-owner David Blitzer, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Boston Red Sox co-owners John Henry and Tom Warner, and Minnesota Vikings owner Mark Wilf. The TGL golf league is the first project of TMRW Sports and was launched in partnership with the PGA Tour. It came to the stage just as professional golf was being disrupted by the upstart league LIV Golf. McCarley pointed out that the company sought investors who would represent diverse backgrounds and expertise in entertainment and media and were passionate about golf.

Tiger Woods Has Praised the Turnout of Investors

Tiger Woods announced the launching of TMRW Sports just when the Saudi-funded LIV Golf had drawn many PGA Tour golfers. LIV Golf offered bigger prize money and a less rigorous schedule. Since then, TMRW Sports boasted that the members of the new investment group had 10 Grammy awards, 40 Emmy awards, and 21 Olympic gold medals between them and had played in eight NBA championship series, 32 NBA All-Star Games, 26 Grand Slam singles, and 16 NFL Pro Bowls.

According to McCarley, he was collaborating with Woods and McIlroy on everything from the scoring to the format of the events. They were also searching for ways to enhance the game with technology, including a virtual course that would bring the game indoors and eliminate problems with weather conditions while giving real-time stats.

McIlroy and Woods were the first two golfers to commit to competing in the inaugural season of the league, which will be open only to PGA Tour golfers.

Alec Baldwin Talks About the Working Conditions on the Set of ‘Rust’

Alec Baldwin was the man holding the prop gun that was accidentally fired, resulting in one casualty – Halyna Hutchins, the up-and-coming cinematographer, and also injured Joel Souza, the director, on the set of ‘Rust’. Now, Baldwin is speaking up regarding the working conditions on set.

Alec Baldwin show just moments after the tragic accidental shooting on the set of the movie 'Rust'. Alec Baldwin Talks About the Tragedy on Set

Baldwin took to his Instagram to share some of the screenshots he had from a note written by Terese Magpale Davis, who was part of the costume department crew on the set of the Western movie, ‘Rust.’ In the screenshots, Davis discredits the rumors regarding any of the cast or crew working under unsafe or unfair conditions.

Davis stated that the story is being spun so much that people are claiming the cast and crew were overworked and surrounded by chaotic conditions. She discussed break times and that the cast and crew had a 56-hour weekend before the tragedy took place, which can all be proven through the daily timesheets.

Alec Baldwin decided to defend the working conditions on set by reposting Davis’ note that also mentioned how though the camera crew was, given safe and adequate lodging options, and most of them didn’t use their rooms because of how early production would wrap up each night.

The camera crew believed that the hotel rooms they had weren’t fancy enough; however, they didn’t think they were unsafe.

Alec Baldwin after realizing the aftermath of the fatal accident that took place on the set of the movie 'Rust'.An Issue of Gun Safety

Alec Baldwin also seemed to agree with Davis in terms of the armorer not being the most experienced for the job but someone fit for the position. She also added that the assistant director David Halls was stressed due to some horrible calls and while she’s angry at him for what happened, she doesn’t agree that he was uncaring.

Davis agreed that getting better working conditions could have been possible, but the tragedy wasn’t a result of that, but more so an issue of gun safety.

Alec Baldwin reposted this note just a few days after speaking on camera for the first time regarding the shooting as well as his relationship with Hutchins.