Steph Curry Has Shared Rare Photos of His Three Children

While Steph Curry is one of the NBA’s stars he is probably more proud to be a father to three children. The 32-year-old basketball player recently shared photos of his kids on Instagram. His daughters Riley and Ryan are eight and five years old respectively, and his son Canon is just two.

Steph Curry Commented After Each Picture Of His Kids

Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry, and their Children
Steph Curry Has Shared Rare Photos of His Three Children

In the first image Curry shared, Riley is wearing a basketball top that is too big for her and has long braids. The next photo features Ryan striking a pose with sunglasses and a sequined backpack. In the third picture, little Canon can be seen bouncing on the trampoline in the garden. The post was a huge hit, and Steph Curry’s followers raised the likes to 1.1 million.

In one of the posts, Curry wrote that his kids were looking very grown-up, and on another, he just wrote “Squad.” The third picture remarked on the whole mood of Ryan. Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha married back in 2011.

Last year, Ayesha shared some information about the couple’s life at home, saying that luckily for her, Stephen was taking a big part in the education and schooling of the kids. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, she joked that she was okay with it because this way, he could birth and nurture their education just as she birthed them into the world.

Steph Curry Was Making Up for Lost Time With His Girls

Ayesha Curry
Steph Curry Has Shared Rare Photos of His Three Children

Ayesha, who is also the author of the Full Plate cookbook, also said that she believed that Steph is making up for the lost time when it comes to their girls. She shared that he would sleep through the late nights and diaper changes when their daughters were babies, so now he had the opportunity to shine.

Apparently, when it comes to preparing food, Ayesha would turn to her kids for help. She says they often cook together, and the kids love helping her — as much as she lets them. The actress and author also said she lucked out with such kids because they were adventurous eaters. Ayesha remarked that she believed her children were so interested in trying new things because they cook with her and occasionally have a hand in making the meals.

Tom Brady Revealed His Daughter’s Disapproval of His Viral Moment

In a recent appearance on The Late Late Show, Tom Brady was asked about his infamous viral moment during the celebration of the recent Super Bowl victory. Last month, cameras caught Tom tossing the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy from his boat to another with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates onboard. Although the situation could have easily ended up with the trophy resting at the bottom of the sea, no one seemed particularly bothered.

Throwing the Vince Lombardi Trophy Seemed Like a Fun Thing to Do to Tom Brady

Tom Brady Throwing the Vince Lombardi Trophy
Tom Brady Revealed His Daughter’s Disapproval of His Viral Moment

Tom Brady jokingly replied to the question that he didn’t remember the events very well, nodding at his lack of sobriety during the celebration. He added that he was not thinking at that moment, and the whole thing seemed a really fun thing to do. The now seven-time Super Bowl champion remarked that he knew many reasons why the trophy was probably not the best object to throw at his teammates.

He further explained what it was to throw an object such as the trophy, clarifying that there were a lot of sharp edges on the bottom where the stand is. He shared that he only thought about what would happen if the pass was incomplete later on.

Only Tom Brady’s Daughter, Vivian Objected to the Pass

Tom Brady and His Daughter, Vivian
Tom Brady Revealed His Daughter’s Disapproval of His Viral Moment

When James Corden mentioned that a voice could be heard off-camera shouting “No,” Tom Brady clarified that this clear-thinking individual was his little eight-year-old daughter. Apparently, the daughter of Tom and his wife Gisele Bündchen had more sense than anybody at the celebration. Of all people, she was the only voice of reason, and Tom said that was really cute.

In the interview, the quarterback recalled the words Gisele said to him immediately after he got the Super Bowl victory last month. He said he saw her, gave her a big hug, and when he did it, she asked him if he had anything else to prove.

Evidently, one thing he can still prove is that he won’t always chuck a priceless sterling silver keepsake at an oncoming boat.