A POV Video Shows How Little Time a Boxer Has to React to Punches

Time management is quite important, especially in sports. As you are about to find out, however, not all sports are created equal when it comes to the importance of being quick on the mark. A POV video done from a boxer’s point of view demonstrates the importance of speed in boxing.

A POV Video Shows How Little Time a Boxer Has to React to Punches
Fast Reflexes & Throwing Punches

Although it’s important to react fast if you are a swimmer or a runner, a video shows that being a boxer is on another level. There are only a few seconds you have to react to punches. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the whole match. Boxing is all about throwing punches. Although boxers usually wear mouthguards and protective gloves, the sport is not for the faint-hearted. The majority of boxing fans only ever get to watch the sport from the side of the ring. However, thanks to a high-quality GoPro Camera, they can be engaged in the fight themselves, from the boxer’s viewpoint.

In the video, you can see that the men are receiving tips on how to improve as they react to punches from each other. The level of hand-eye coordination required is absolutely impressive. It’s obvious that after watching the video for about a minute, the game is not only about physical reflexes. It’s also about the mental endurance and reactions of every boxer. The video was uploaded to YouTube by POV Boxing. It’s a channel dedicated to bringing sports fans inside the boxing ring. It’s something new and interesting, and you can imagine that it received a lot of attention.

Being a Boxer Can Be Challenging

The footage from the sparring gives the viewers the right perspective of the fight. It honestly does show how challenging it is to be a boxer, facing the opponent. One impressed viewer wrote that it’s simpler to see the fight when watching it from a distance because you can call out the openings, but it’s completely different when you are in the ring.

All this raises the question: are you willing to try out boxing?