Try These Moves for Much Higher Hip Mobility This Winter

The harsh truth is that few people do enough exercise nowadays. With the work-from-home tendency becoming the new normal, many individuals seldom go out. But that’s far from healthy. Movement is crucial to keeping our bodies in tip-top shape. And, after a long day sitting at the desk, many feel unpleasant stiffness in the hip area. Luckily, there are many ways to increase hip mobility this winter.

Why Is Hip Mobility So Important?

Try These Moves For Much Higher Hip Mobility This Winter

The hip is our second-most mobile joint, so paying attention to it is crucial. It’s essentially a ball and socket joint and is one of only two such joints in the human body. Several ligaments and more than 15 muscles run through the hip area to stabilize the femur head in the socket. Its construction allows plenty of different movements to be made, and it’s also responsible for some of the most basic mobility functions, including walking.

Evidently, it’s a critical part of the human body that must receive enough attention. Not doing enough exercise can be detrimental to the hip’s mobility in later years. So, let’s check these simple and easy moves that boost hip movement capacity this winter.

Spider Lunge

This versatile move can be included in your warm-up routine or incorporated into a cardio workout. It’s also known as a spider stretch. Basically, it’s done when, from a plank position, you get the right foot to the outside of the right hand. Individuals with increased flexibility can try the lunge on their elbows instead of their hands.

Crescent Lunge

The crescent moon lunge, also known as Añjaneyāsana, is a yoga pose that’s perfect for individuals who spend most of their day sitting. It targets the anterior aspect of the hip, releasing pressure and stiffness in the whole hip area. The move can be part of a yoga flow, where you go in a crescent lunge from a spider lunge. Place your hands upside, looking up at the ceiling. Pause for a few seconds before switching. Enjoy the increased mobility in your hips!

The World’s Greatest Stretch

It’s important to note that people don’t have to hold each rep for too long, especially when they’re doing the “world’s greatest stretch.” It’s a movement that begins on the hands and feet. Similarly to the spider lunge, you need to place the right foot on the outside of the right hand. Drop to your elbow, pause for a second, and then rotate it upside, following the movement with your eyes. Repeat the motion several times on each side.