LeBron James Is Set to Release a Special Netflix NBA Series

Wikimedia Commons // Keith Allison // cc-by-sa-2.0

Lakers star LeBron James is set to create a Netflix series showing the lives of NBA players. The new release is believed to be similar to NFL’s Quarterback, released on Netflix this summer.

The New Netflix Series

We don’t think there’s a better person to release this than LeBron James. The NBA star will team up with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions, and Higher Ground Productions, to create the series.

Wikimedia Commons // Arturo Pardavila III // cc-by-sa-2.0.

Those who have watched Quarterback know that Season 1 featured Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota (he was still a member of the Falcons), Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. The series was created in collaboration between the NFL and Netflix.

LeBron Is No TV Rookie

James is definitely not a rookie when it comes to television, and has an executive producer role for the HBO show The Shop. There still aren’t many details surrounding the series, so his upcoming project won’t be his first attempt.

Fans are still wondering which players may feature in the series, but judging by other series of this genre, we can probably expect a mix of superstars and lesser-known players. It looks like Netflix will continue releasing more sports documentaries and films. Drive to Survive, for example, had success, popularizing Formula 1 racing in the United States.