What to Consider When Picking the Best Gym Shoes

A good gym shoe needs to serve several purposes. It needs to provide enough stability and support for its wearer. But you also need to stay mindful of your favorite gym activities and consider them when picking shoes. That said, we’ll give you several options to determine the ultimate workout shoes for you, taking into account their performance capabilities for certain activities.

The Ideal Shoes for HIIT or Boxing Workouts

What to Consider When Picking the Best Gym Shoe Right Now
The Ideal Shoes for HIIT or Boxing Workouts

If you like lateral movements and incorporate them regularly into your workout routine, then you’ll need a solid shoe that provides good ankle support. Consider a shoe that promotes staying on your toes and doesn’t make your legs wobbly. Good options to consider are both the Under Armour TriBase Reign 4 Pro as well as the Inov-8 F-Lite G 300.

What to Wear While Lifting Heavy Weights

What to Wear While Lifting Heavy Weights

Simply put, the ideal shoe for weightlifting must have a stable and flat base. Forget about those curved designs that make you stay on your toes. When lifting heavy weights, you need all the support you can get from your feet. Many weightlifting movements require pushing off your heels, so you must consider shoes with flat soles. You can try Reebok’s Legacy Lifter II or Nike Metcon 8, both of which are really popular weightlifting shoes right now.

The Perfect All-Round Gym Shoe

The Perfect All-Round Gym Shoe

If you want to hit two birds with one stone, consider an all-around gym shoe. They provide your ankles with enough support when doing a cardio section, and also allow you to lift heavy weights without compromising your stability. A good example of that category is undoubtedly the Reebok Nano X2.

Keep in mind that a good gym shoe should withstand a lot of wear and tear as well as answer your key performance expectations. Choosing the right type of shoes for your workouts might be challenging, but the options above are undoubtedly some of the best training shoes available on the market.

City of Venice to Start Charging Entry Fees for Daytrippers

City of Venice

With its eternally romantic gondolas, glittering canals, quaint bridges, and superb architecture, Venice is certainly a city to be experienced. If you’ve ever been, however, you know how crowded it can get. City officials have long complained about over-tourism and how visitors greatly outnumber locals on busy days. To help protect the UNESCO World Heritage accolade, an entry fee will be introduced for daytrippers.

The Over-Tourism Problem of Venice

During the high season, and especially on busy days, it is said that Venice welcomes more than 100,000 tourists daily. That means that the visitors outnumber locals by more than two to one (there are about 50,000 residents.) There are endless queues to enter the signature Doges Palace, and even the simple walk from the station to the famous St. Mark’s Square is a struggle in itself. Sure, tourism is a great thing, but over-tourism is quite overwhelming.

Overcrowded bridge in Venice

As with everything in life, there too was a tipping point for Venice’s over-tourism problem. It happened over the Easter weekend when, according to police data, a staggering 120,000 tourists flocked to the city in just one day. This created a suffocating atmosphere that prompted Venice’s mayor Luigi Brugnaro to take matters into his own hands.

A New Reservation System for Daytrippers

As a result of the concerningly high number of daytrippers, Venice’s mayor Brugnaro announced a new online reservation system that will only apply to daytrippers. Visitors who are staying the night will be exempt from it.

Starting in June 2022, people will be able to use the online booking system to reserve a visit. Daytrippers will have to pay €3 (~$3.15 on a quiet day) and €10 at peak time (~$10.50) to enter the canal city. This new system will be tested for a period of six months with the idea of making the fee permanent from 2023.