Golfers Can Enhance Their Style with a New After-Golf Shoe

Walking 18 holes on a golf course can be tiring for anyone, no matter how many times they’ve done it. It’s hard for someone to walk in golf shoes for such a long time and not have any pain in their feet. However, there’s a new after-golf shoe that can make walking those 18 holes worth it. Plus, you don’t have to play golf to enjoy the shoe.

Golfers Can Enhance Their Style with a New After-Golf Shoe
An After-Golf Shoe by Lusso Cloud and Malbon

After spending all day treading across the golf course, you’re going to want to get something both soft and supportive on your feet. While you might also be looking to follow golf’s dress code, your chances of finding something both stylish and comfortable might not be a lot…until now.

Lusso Cloud, the company known for making some of the comfiest shoes out there, teamed up with one of the well-known golf labels, Malbon to collaborate on the ideal after-golf shoe. The slip-on shoe comes in 3 different colorways and has bold stripes with the Malbon logo embroidered perfectly on the midfoot.

Golf Has Come a Long Way

Golf has definitely come a long way over the years as it has shed off the original Caddyshack stereotypes and later transitioned into being the dorky vibe that many people assumed it to be. It was also associated with performance-obsessed polo-wearers. Now, it has become a sport that is very style-oriented, but in the right way.

Lusso Cloud and Malbon's new after-golf shoe in the maroon and navy blue colorway.
The after-golf shoe designed by Lusso Cloud and Malbon definitely showcases how much golf has changed over the years, for the better, in terms of style. The shoes are not only stylish, but they’re also comfortable and can be worn by golfers or just on an everyday basis. All the styles have stripes on them, and the colors are neutral yet appealing. They come in white and black, maroon and navy blue, and olive green and navy blue.