Here’s Why Every Household Needs to Stock up on White Towels

White towels might seem like the dullest thing in the world, especially if you’re into keeping things colorful and bright. Still, white towels have somewhat of a superpower that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Here’s Why Every Household Needs to Stock up on White Towels
What Makes White Towels Special?

If you’ve been struggling to keep your towels fresh and clean after each laundry, you’re not alone. Over time, towels get to absorb grime and humidity, which makes them susceptible to mildew and start smelling bad. Proper towel maintenance is key to prolonging the life of the fabric, but it’s not always easy to achieve.

This is where white towels come in. HGTV’s Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier offer a curious trick. The perks of choosing a white towel is that you can add a little bit of bleach every time you wash them. That way, they will last a lot longer, they won’t sustain mildew, and they’ll always smell fresh.

Think About Hotel Towels

Erin’s advice, which she got from her Southern mother-in-law, doesn’t just apply to damp Southern climates. It’s a universal rule that hotels all over the world continue to use. Just think about it. How often have you stayed at a hotel, and the towels weren’t white? Exactly.

Hotels choose white towels for a reason — they can be bleached with each laundry which will keep them looking (and smelling) fresh for a long time. If you try to bleach a colorful towel, you’ll get an unsightly bleach stain, and that’s why you’re probably still racking your brain trying to remember a hotel that didn’t offer you a white towel. It’s simply not practical.

While white towels may not be your first pick, they’re worth your consideration. Especially when it comes to towels that often get wet and constantly have to be washed. So, next time you go towel shopping, don’t just skip to the colorful versions.