Here Are Some Handy Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

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There never seems to be enough room in kitchen cabinets, but there are some ways to optimize that space. Creating more space can be done in many ways, including the use of dedicated storage products and some creative tips. Applying them will make things in the kitchen more orderly, freeing space for additional activities and storage. Here are some of the best methods.

Using Risers and the Doors

Cabinet risers are perfect for organizing kitchen cabinets because they elevate stacks of dishes, freeing up space underneath for bowls, plates, or something else. Risers are great for maximizing vertical space that is otherwise wasted and give cabinets a more professional look.

There’s also the possibility to make extra storage on the back of the cabinet doors. This can be done using special bins that can hold things like dishwasher tablets, foil, sponges, or plastic wrap. The best part is that these bins remain out of sight when the cabinet is closed.

Using Spice Jars and Storage Containers

A good way to organize kitchen cabinets is to put all the spices into matching, labeled spice jars. These can go in a narrow cabinet near the stove or on an adjustable spice riser, where they’ll be readily  available.

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Much like with the spices, food storage containers will allow you to tidy up and free up some cabinets. Dedicate a cabinet to food storage containers and use a basket with dividers to organize all the lids. You can also use stackable water bottle holders.

Organizing Appliances and Pots and Pans

Having an appliance garage is great for storage space. It is a cabinet dedicated to storing small appliances like blenders and toasters. One can even be designed with outlets on the inside. Those who don’t have a kitchen with an appliance garage can make one with a standard cabinet suitable for fitting more items.

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There are various organizers for pots and pans available on the market that can be used vertically and horizontally. They can keep pans, lids, and pots readily available, so no stack rearrangement is necessary when one has to be pulled out. These can also be adjusted to suit a specific section width or height.

Managing Disposable Products

Disposable bags, boxes, plastic flatware, and paper plates can take up plenty of space, so stacking them and placing them all neatly in one cabinet is a good way to optimize a kitchen. This also allows for monitoring the amount of disposable products in the kitchen.

Following these tips, you should find yourself with more kitchen cabinet space in no time. If it’s not more space you need, then at least you’ll have easier access to your items.