Choosing a Tape Measure Can Be Made Easy With Some of These Tips

What Makes a Good Tape Measure

Many people use a tape measure to take measurements in their daily lives, but it is also useful for other tasks. There are many factors to consider when buying a tape measure, and some of them include if it has a magnetized hook, truss marks, and tiny measurement increments. While they may all play a part in the final decision, different tape measures are good for different purposes.

What Makes a Good Tape Measure

Most people know the usual highlighted numbers that spread between 16 inches that serve for laying studs, joists, or rafters. There are also marks like triangles or diamonds on 19.2 inches that serve as truss marks and help save on framing materials. As for the inches themselves, most tape measures have 1/16 inch increments, while some come with 1/32 inch increments and others with a combination of both.

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One of the most useful elements of a tape measure is its hook, which marks the start of the tape. However, with the help of some powerful magnets, this hook can be transformed into a grabber. Such magnetic hooks are very popular these days, but there are tape measures that do not have them for professions where magnets are impractical.

The Stand-Out of a Tape Measure

The hook can sometimes be oversized for extra functionality, meaning it can catch on all sides. This may be impractical for more precise measurements. Some people like their hook rivet tight, but that’s wrong from a practical point of view. The hook has to be able to move because that movement compensates for the hook’s thickness.

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When choosing a tape measure, consider how long it has to be and how long its stand-out is. The stand-out refers to the distance the tape is extended without crumpling under its weight. Naturally, tape measures with greater stand-out are more practical, and some manufacturers point theirs out on the packaging.

Consider Something Moderately Sized

Whether a tape measure has a belt clip or not is another factor people think about. Belt clips are convenient for having to carry around a tape measure, but a tool belt makes it obsolete. A clipless tape can go smoothly in and out of a tool belt.

Those considering the purchase of a tape measure should pick a middle-size version unless they require a bigger one. Woodworking and tinkering may call for a bigger tape, but remodeling jobs certainly require something around the 16 to 30 foot range. An open reel tape can also be used for long measurements.