Rubber Band Hacks That Can Make Things Around the House Easier

Most people know that all it takes for a person to find a rubber band or two is to just take a look around at home or in the office. Rubber bands are useful for many obvious reasons and have even more uses than the ones people think about. They can easily bunch up a handful of pens or confine a stack of mail and have a variety of less-popular use out of the office and inside the house. Here are some tips for using rubber bands in a way that gives them a new purpose.

A Rubber Band Can Help With the Struggle of Opening a Jar

When a jar is trying to be difficult and refuses to open, unscrewing the lid on it can happen easily with a simple rubber band. It’ll give extra grip to whoever wants to open it. The secret is to place a rubber band around the lid of the jar, and it’ll become a grip for the hand, making the lid easier to twist and remove altogether. There are other clever uses of a rubber band, like restoring the functionality of tassel earrings that are without the back. This can be done by snipping the rubber band and using it to keep the earring secure until another replacement can be used.

Rubber bands can also be used to mark the fullness level of ceramic canisters for things like flour, salt, and sugar. It can be time-consuming to check each jar before going for refills, so knowing where the level is can make things simpler. So, whenever a jar is used, the band should be moved down to the new level on the container. This way, the jars can be checked with just a glance, and going to the shop will become that much simpler. So, rubber bands can even aid people with their shopping.

A Rubber Band Can Be Used to Control Soap Pump Mechanisms

Controlling the mechanism of a liquid soap pump can be done with a rubber band that’s applied to limit the portion of each pump. People wash their hands more and more, and soap is very valuable, so wasting it isn’t a good idea. If the soap dispenser lets out too much soap or a child is too enthusiastic about pushing the button, it often goes to waste, but there’s a simple fix. A rubber band should be affixed around the spring mechanism that controls the dispenser and reduces the amount of soap that comes out every time.

Using a Rubber Band Can Prevent a Cutting Board from Slipping

People who’ve witnessed a cutting board slipping and falling know how easy it is for such a troublesome event to occur. When it does, food can fall on the floor, and knives can go in any direction, so it’s good to avoid such a scenario. Wooden cutting boards can slip and slide very easily on a countertop. Rubber bands can be set around every end of the board, and this way, they’ll provide additional grip to the entire board, making a slip almost impossible. This will ensure that the entire dinner preparation process is a little safer.

Rubber bands also have many lesser-known uses like preventing a sliced apple from browning, making a makeshift tripod, sealing small hose leaks, and keeping books closed in a bag.

Pitcher Charlie Morton Threw 16 Pitches With a Broken Leg

During Game 1 of the World Series, friends of the Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie Morton apologized for his misfortune after they found out he threw some sixteen pitches while having a broken leg. His response to them and those who reached out to wish him well was rather odd because the pitcher also apologized for being unable to do more.

The 37-Year-Old Charlie Morton Broke His Lower Right Leg In the Second Inning of the Game

Charlie Morton throwing a pitch with a broken leg during Game 1 of the World Series against the Houston Astros When Yuli Gurriel hit a 102 mph ground ball off the lower right leg of Charlie Morton and broke it, the pitcher remained in the game and faced the next three Houston Astros batters. He threw 16 pitches before finally exiting the game. According to Atlanta star Freddie Freeman, this showed the incredible composure of Morton and everything one would need to know about his character.

Still playing baseball at age 37, Charlie Morton has sustained many big and small injuries throughout the years. The pitcher eventually learned the invaluable lessons that throwing baseballs for a living comes with a decent amount of pain. Still, remaining on the field with a broken leg shows that his resolve was higher even than his pain tolerance. It seems Morton was so determined to win a championship that he was ready to pitch until his body would not let him. Eventually, his team earned a 6-2 victory over the Houston Astros.

Atlanta Manager Brian Snitker Praised Charlie Morton and His Incredible Feat

Snitker said in an interview that Charlie Morton did exactly what he was hired to do, pointing out that he brought credibility to the team throughout the year, as well as during the game against the Astros. The manager also stated that Morton was really the kind of guy to break a leg and then say he’s sorry.

Atlanta Manager Brian Snitker walking off the field with pitcher Charlie MortonMorton signed with Atlanta for a one-year deal last November because his arm was still able to whip a 97 mph fastball and 80 mph curveballs. More than that, the pitcher is valued for the joy and amusement he brings to the team. He is beloved by many of his colleagues, and that showed when many of his teammates dropped by the training room to check on him and express their gratitude. Hopefully, the pitcher who kept pitching after his leg broke will get a gold-and-diamond ring in the end.