How to Paint Your Doors With the Best Exterior Color Scheme

Front doors are the focus of attention of home exteriors because they serve as the main entrance for welcoming guests and are often the first things people see. The fact that they give this first impression means that the paint and colors used for them are important. The same goes for garage doors.

Paint and Colors Are Important Factors

How to Paint the Doors with the Best Exterior Color Scheme

Along with the siding, front doors play a significant role in defining the personality of a home. They are the face of the home, but garage doors can be just as important, so the paint and colors used on them are just as important. For most people, the garage door is the utilitarian entrance to the house where the storage space and lawn equipment are. Despite that, garage doors and how people color them should not be overlooked. So, how to make the front door and garage doors partner to improve the home’s curb appeal becomes a question that needs answering.

Match or Contrast?

When it comes to painting a garage door, choosing the color can be a challenge. There are endless options to consider, and it can be tough to decide whether to match or complement the existing colors in your home. A simple solution is to match the body or trim color for a cohesive look. Darker colors may absorb more heat from the sun, which can make the garage interior hot and may require more frequent repainting to maintain a fresh appearance. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the many color and paint choices, matching the body or trim color is a good way to achieve a cohesive look

Whether to match the front and garage doors is a matter of personal preference. Some prefer a cohesive, neutral look, and those people go with the same color for both doors. Alternatively, a cohesive look can be created by selecting colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. However, it’s important to consider how the doors will look in combination with the rest of the home’s exterior, like the siding, trim, and shutters. A bold front door color can be used to make a statement, and in such cases, it may be best to keep the garage door a neutral body or trim color to avoid overwhelming the overall appearance of the home.

A Home With Personality

The front door can be a chance to add personality to the home with a bold color. Maintenance should be kept in mind when choosing a color scheme, and using the body or trim color for the garage door for more flexibility can also be considered. The front door is often the main entrance and may have decorative elements, so picking a color that reflects the desired personality of the home is a good way to go.

If a garage has to blend in with the rest of the home, painting the garage door the same color as the siding can be a good choice. This can be especially effective for homes with front-facing garages and a desire for a modern, seamless exterior. For a bold, modern look, using deeply saturated paint colors like bronze and black can work great.

Before choosing a white garage door as part of a white exterior color scheme, one should consider how it will look with the rest of the home. A bright white door may look too stark against natural materials like brick or stone, so this must match the home’s exterior and its owner’s style.