How to Make the Most of Your Half Bathroom

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Making a half bathroom a stylish and impressive space can be straightforward when implementing the right ideas. There are plenty of decor ideas out there that range from creative DIY tips to bold paint color combinations.

From handmade touches or interesting choices for colors and design, here are some top tips for you!

Interesting Half Bathroom Décor

Installing a floating vanity can save some floor space, especially when making a small room feel more spacious. Another good idea is to introduce a squiggle mirror to make the half bathroom stand out or add a gallery wall for hanging framed artwork, drawings, memories, or anything else.

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Because half bathrooms are small spaces by definition, there should be no more than one or two main elements to prevent overwhelming the person entering. There should be one main piece, like an unexpected mirror or a brightly painted vanity. A great piece of artwork is also a good idea.

Bold Colors, Bold Statement

One great idea is to increase the drama by using painted stripes. The stripes will make the room more stylish and make it more spacious. Another good way to introduce bold colors is to use wallpaper, which can create a vibrant atmosphere. And because the space is small, a few rolls of wallpaper will cover everything on a small budget.

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Using a single daring color is also a great idea, and a patterned floor will make a bold statement. Some designers prefer shiplap to add a unique pattern and texture to the half bathroom. Shiplap can help clean a space of visual clutter while keeping things simple. There is also a trend to use a black-and-white color palette in half bathrooms. It is a classic color combination and can be applied to everything in the room, from the walls and floors to the vanity, accessories, and even artwork.

Finally, storage remains crucial. Good ideas here are to create an over-toilet storage ladder or install a stylish towel rack or medicine cabinet. Other storage options include hang baskets, organizers, magnetic strips, and more.

A Southern California City Has a Boba Trail to Quench Visitors’ Thirst

Vino trails — sorry, but your days are over! There’s now a whole new beverage that’s worth following. It’s called boba tea, and it’s everything fans of big-strawed beverages might want. While many cities in the U.S. have locations offering this delicious beverage, a whole new place emerges as a must-visit destination for tea lovers. That destination is Pasadena, which boasts 30+ bubble tea locations.

A Southern California City Has a Boba Trail to Quench Visitors’ Thirst
The Boba Tea Trail

Origin of the Boba Tea

What’s the origin of this amazing Asian-American tea? Food historians have traced it back to somewhere in the 1980s in the nation of Taiwan. The term ‘boba tea’ is typically used on the West Coast, with people living on the East Coast referring to the drink as “bubble tea.” It was a huge thing in Asian cultures back then. Not surprisingly, it’s still booming today.

The trend finally caught up with the West in the 1990s when the first bubble teas were brought to the USA. Since then, communities like Hacienda Heights and Rowland Heights in east Los Angeles have been prominent bubble tea locations.

Taste Boba Tea in Pasadena

A Southern California City Has a Boba Trail to Quench Visitors’ Thirst
Taste Boba Tea in Pasadena

Now, visitors to Pasadena can enjoy the newest trends in boba tea. There are various shops that give tea lovers a chance to taste cheese foam-topped bubble teas with hues of butterfly pea and purple. Others offer this Taiwanese-American beverage with fluffy Japanese pancakes.

The subculture of Asian Americans has boba tea written all over it. Young individuals grew up around bubble tea shops along with study groups, drank them on first dates, and had them when playing board games with friends.

The “boba generation” matures, and so does the culture of the beverage. In Pasadena, just like in some other locations, the drink is now offered in specialty shops that sell artisan-level beverages crafted with specially selected and handmade ingredients. Even the tea is sourced from special and premium regions nowadays. That way, Americans can get the absolute best of that incredible and delicious beverage.