Georgian-Era Style Is on the Rise — Here’s How to Try It

The Georgian style is making a comeback in the world of design, thanks to the release of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte, a prequel series to Bridgerton set in the Georgian age. Spanning from 1714 to 1830, the Georgian era is characterized by its symmetry, classical details, and understated elegance.

The Style Became Popular

The Georgian Style Is On the Rise and There Are Many Ways to Apply It
The Style Became Popular

The Georgian era architectural and design style gained popularity not only in England but also across the globe, with its influence seen in the architecture of New England and inspiring contemporary house designs. While Georgian and Regency styles share similarities, such as drawing inspiration from classical Greek and Roman designs and featuring columns and front-facing roofs, there are distinct differences between them. Georgian architecture is known for its decorative and ornate features, including intricate moldings, carved woodwork, and plasterwork. On the other hand, the Regency style embraces a more restrained and classical aesthetic with cleaner lines and less ornamentation.

The interior design of Georgian homes leans towards traditional and formal elements, such as heavy draperies, upholstered furniture, and chandeliers. Georgian floorplans typically showcase symmetrical layouts, with rooms extending from either side of a center hall.

For homeowners with Georgian-style homes, now is the perfect time to enhance their space by leaning on the design even further. Emphasizing sash windows with beautiful curtains and echoing the style’s inherent symmetry in the decor can elevate the traditional charm of the home. Adding items in pairs and incorporating mirrors can also enhance the balance of the style.

The Georgian Style Is Versatile

The Georgian Style Is Versatile

Homeowners with a property that has design features from different eras can also use some Georgian grace. This can be achieved by implementing unique features and avoiding mass-produced furniture. Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of authentic pieces that embody the Georgian trend. An authentic vintage look can be achieved by emphasizing individuality in the décor and using bold patterns and accessories. Patterned fabric like florals, stripes, and pastels can also add a touch of elegance, especially with ornate features and silk tassel pillows.

Proper lighting is also essential to set the mood in a Georgian-inspired space. Chandeliers with glass shades or crystal accents can capture the vintage and elegant essence of the style and small details like that can contribute to the overall cohesiveness of the design scheme.

Fragrances Can Be Confusing. Here Is How To Choose The Perfect Cologne

It’s possible that you are unsure of the perfume you want to purchase when looking through the finest cologne for men online or in a store. That’s okay because there are hundreds to find and you could desire something particular to you. You should be aware of the scent family (or families) you’re looking for in this situation.

Fragrances Can Be Confusing. Here Is How To Choose The Perfect Cologne

Choosing the Perfect Cologne

A variety of distinct scents characterize the many major groups known as fragrance families. For instance, the woody families include cedar and patchouli, whereas the floral families include rose and jasmine. The fresh families have bright scents like citrus and grass, whereas the amber families contain stronger scents.

If you enjoy one cologne, you probably enjoy a lot of other scents in the same family. However, how can you tell which fragrance belongs where? Michael Edwards and Fragrances of the World, his business, can help with that. After working internally at renowned parfumerie Halston in the 1980s, Edwards realized that smells might be categorized, with each customer having a predilection for particular veriables. Since then, Edwards has authored the book on the subject and makes yearly updates.

The Fragrance Wheel!

Edwards’ fragrance wheel, which identified the 14 families into which all fragrances may be divided, was made possible by this viewpoint. Almost every new smell that hits the market is sent to his team of specialist noses, who then evaluate its notes and traits. Imagine this database now, over 40 years later. Check out which is best for you.

1. Dior Eau Sauvage – Citrus

The cologne was the catalyst for the change in Eau de colognes. This 1966 classic is now primarily available as an eau de toilette.

2. Calvin Klein CK Everyone – Water

It’s a cologne that is genderless and encapsulates the mood of today.

3. Hermetica Ivyme – Green

4. Boy Smells Marble Fruit – Fruity

It’s a real melody with both male and female chords.

5. Arquiste Boutonnière nº 7 – Floral

A gardenia that is bright green for a black-tie event.