This Is the Most Efficient Way to Clean Windows, According to Experts

Even if you’re a veteran at spring cleaning, it’s all too simple to leave streaks on the glass in addition to lingering dirt and debris that you failed to thoroughly wipe off. It’s not difficult to learn how to clean windows, all you need are a few secret tips to finish the task correctly. Say goodbye to stains and grime with the following steps:

Preparing the Windows

Man as he was preparing a window in his home

1. To keep water from building up on the wood and to collect debris, place a clean, dry cloth across the sill.
2. Before raising the blinds to the top of the window, close their louvers (or slats).
3. Remove any fabric window coverings you may have if you don’t want them to get splashed.
4. Remove screens and lay them aside in a secure location for cleaning while identifying each one so you know which window it belongs to.
5. Clean tracks, hinges, and frames of cobwebs and loose debris.

How to Clean the Windows on the Inside

1. Apply a moist cloth to the windowpane and gently clean it.
2. Spray a cleaner. Spray a fine line down the middle of the glass starting at the top. Avoid the edges and non-glass surfaces since they might be harmed by excessive spraying.
3. Spread the solution on the glass of the window using a dry, lint-free towel, especially one made of microfiber.
4. Apply gentle pressure to any obstinate, adhered residue.
5. After removing all filth from the windows, it’s time to dry them. To prevent drips, work from the top down.
6. Utilize a dry portion of the same cloth to remove cleanser that’s accumulated along the borders.
7. If any streaks are still visible, rub them away with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth by circling the area.

How to Clean the Windows on the Outside

1. Close every window.
2. To eliminate the initial layer of grime, spray the glass with a garden hose under low pressure.
3. Carefully stand on a ladder and gently wipe trash off windows. Experts propose utilizing a telescopic pole with a rotating microfiber cloth-covered head that stretches beyond five feet.
4. To rinse the cleaning solution off the windows, switch the sprayer to water-only.
5. Utilize a retractable squeegee to dry the window. Between strokes, dry the rubber blade of the squeegee with a clean towel to prevent drips.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Experts recommend cleaning the inside and outside of your windows twice each year. However, they warn that outside windows may require touch-ups or further washing due to the weather and other environmental elements. Pollen, raindrops, trees that produce sap, and birds, all contribute to filthy windows.