Master the Next Renovation Project with these Drywall Hacks

Whatever kind of home improvement project you undertake, chances are you’ll come across drywall sooner or later. Sure, you can always count on a contractor for the job. But it turns out the process of installing the material isn’t so complicated after all. In fact, any homeowner can master the craft, especially if you follow these simple steps for a quick and seamless installation.

Master the Next Renovation Project with these Drywall Hacks
What to Consider Before Installing the Drywall

What to Consider Before Installing the Drywall

First things first – to successfully install drywall, you need to consider what materials you will need to prepare. If you’re a DIYer by soul, you’ve most likely already equipped yourself with a measuring tape, utility knife, etc. However, there are a couple of less-common handyman tools that’ll make the job much easier.

Firstly, consider purchasing drywall screws. Those are used to attach sheetrock to the framing studs. They easily penetrate the surface and fix it firmly without causing any damage. Plus, it’s very easy to hide them later on during the finishing process. Keep in mind that these screws are sharp, so you need to work carefully.

What to Consider Before Installing the Drywall

Another tool to add to your handyman stash is a T-square. There are different sizes available, with 48-inch being the ideal size for drywall. This allows DIYers to quickly and evenly cut the material. They spare the need to mark both sides, which often requires extra time and doesn’t produce the same results.

Hanging Drywall the Right Way

If you’re looking for ways to master the craft of drywall installation, here are some simple tips to help you reach your goals. Remember to prepare all the necessary tools for the job before commencing to save some time.

Begin with the measurements. Measure your wall, marking less than ¼-inch of the top of the sheet. Cut the sheet using the 48-inch T-square on each side and snap the material on the line to remove the excess drywall. Ideally, leave 16 inches between each screw when installing Sheetrock on walls and 12 inches when working on ceilings.

Hanging Drywall the Right Way

Typically, the process of hanging begins from top to bottom, meaning the top row is done before the bottom one. If you hang full sheets, you’ll need the assistance of at least one friend to hold the material while you’re screwing it firmly on the wall.

How to Cut Around Objects and Electrical Boxes

When it comes to installing drywall on your property, the empty spots are the easiest to handle. But when it comes to walls with electrical boxes, doorways, and windows, things can get a little tricky. But with these tips, you’ll quickly get the job done right. Firstly, remove the covers from the box and turn off the power. Measure the distance between the floor and the electrical box, and on each side.

How to Cut Around Objects and Electrical Boxes

Next, mount the sheet on top and cut around the perimeter of the box or any other object. Once the hole has been cut evenly, install the drywall as usual. Ideally, you should use a cut-out tool or a rotary cutter equipped with a specialized head to cut sheetrock. If you don’t have these tools, buy one of the options at your local hardware store. They come in handy for other projects, too.

The 5 Must-Visit Places in Portland for Food and Drinks

The 5 Must-Go Places in Portland, OR, for Food and DrinksYou can largely thank Portland for the culinary scene in your city. Parks with food trucks? Check. Micro-restaurants? Yep! You can either wait 10 years for an ube-latte shop to open in your city, or you can book a flight to Portland right now. The city is already producing the newest culinary trends. When you get there, try these places.

Feed-Good Fare: The Realm Refillery

You are already aware that the most typical thing you can do in Portland is order takeout from a restaurant that is waste-free, but this restaurant takes it one step further than that. Customers have the option of filling their own glass jars or compostable bags with regional specialties such as orange sea salt caramel popcorn from Poplandia or loose-leaf tea from the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. This company has done away with the needless use of plastics and has reduced its amount of wasted food.

Innovative Lattes: Portland Cà Phê

This Vietnamese specialty store continues to stand out in a city that is essentially known as the birthplace of craft coffee roasting, and it does so for more reasons than just the vibrant concoctions that it offers. The sweet guava doughnuts can be purchased from the bakery located on the premises and go wonderfully with the coconut cream latte that is served there. The ube latte, which has notes of vanilla and nuts and is made with homemade yam syrup, is delicious. It is a deep purple color and has a nutty flavor.

Plant-Based Snacks: Mama Đút

If you want to order takeout from this renowned restaurant, you will need to get there as early as possible to place your order. The banh mi and bao buns filled with vegan ‘pork’ and drizzled with a garlicky ‘phish sauce’ created by Chef Thuy Pham will be on your Instagram Story. Her whoopie pies made with pandan and strawberry are also mouthwatering.

Fine-Dining Food Cart: Poppyseed

Even though there are plenty of innovative food carts in this city, not even the hippest taco truck in town can compete with the high-end seasonal options that are provided by this luxurious trailer. You are going to stuff your face with dishes such as oysters on the half shell because it’s Portland, after all, and then you are going to empty your reusable plate at the station where they compost food waste.

Family-Style Experience: Kann

The Haitian roots of the chef Gregory Gourdet (yes, Gregory from Top Chef), are responsible for preparing dishes meant to be shared, such as smoked beef ribs with a coffee rub. You should advise your group not to skimp on the sides, and they should also make sure they save room for Gourdet’s famous pineapple upside-down cake that has been flame-kissed.