3 DIY Computer Desk Projects For People on a Tight Budget

Whether you work from home or spend the majority of your time behind a computer, your desk is probably the most important piece of furniture in your home. One of them, at least. Creating the perfect workspace with unlimited resources is hardly a difficult task, but doing that when you’re on a tight budget can be a challenge. So, what can you do? Instead of looking for furniture on sale, you can call out your inner adventurer and try to make something yourself. Here are three smart and fairly easy ideas to use as inspiration!

1. Go For a Shelf Computer Desk

Shelf Computer DeskThis is possibly the easiest and fastest way to get yourself a nice working desk. You need a couple of sturdy shelf brackets and a flat surface of your choice to act as a desk. Make it adjustable and use it both as a stand-up and as a sit-down workstation. For as little as $50, you can have one of the most affordable and effective desks out there.

2. The Trestle Desk Is Beyond Cool (and Affordable)

The Trestle Desk
Often referred to as the sawhorse or the A-frame desk, this surely is one of the simplest ways to create a comfortable yet chic workstation at home. All you need are two freestanding trestles to use as edges and a board to lay on top. Visit your local hardware store for some cheap workshop sawhorses, and you can easily get this project done for under $70. For a more stylish appearance, you can get the IKEA Finnvard trestles, but keep in mind that they will double the cost of the desk as their individual price is $50.

3. An Adjustable Desk

An Adjustable Desk
Adjustable standing desks are not only good for your posture and health but also for saving space. You can create a manual counterweight adjustable piece or dive deep into the DIY of electronics and make it move with the touch of a button. You can find most if not all of what you need at your nearest Home Depot or a similar store. This project will not only save you a ton of money, but you can also work on customizing the desk to the perfect height range for you.