Interior Designers Think Custom Millwork Is Gaining Popularity In 2023

Whether your house is recently renovated, brand-new, or historic, one thing that can add a sense of uniqueness to it is millwork. If you are not familiar with this term, it’s a very fancy word for saying baseboards, paneling, trims, and pretty much any other wooden architectural components in a room. Apparently, millwork is gaining popularity in 2023.

Interior Designers Think Custom Millwork Is Gaining Popularity In 2023

Why Millwork Is Gaining Popularity

Vy Truong and Han Dang, confounders of an interior design firm in Houston, Texas, believe that the demand for custom millwork is high because it offers cost-effective solutions that utilize a space in a very special way that floating furniture, for example, can’t. Consider it the key to meeting specific needs of your layout and aesthetic needs. Whether it’s ornate crown molding or sleek paneling, custom millwork can set the tone for a room even before you add furniture, paint, and decor.

Millwork Cost and Design Considerations

Because of the popularity of the design that custom millwork offers, there are countless finish and material choices that are accessible. While this contributes to the creation of a truly distinctive environment, you will need to narrow it down before you begin the project. With custom millwork, you can easily reflect the architecture of a home and the individuality of a homeowner.

Millwork is a custom addition that can sometimes be costly. Interior designers can really reduce costs by employing prefabricated base systems to save budget expenditures. The pieces can then be personalized with a variety of materials, finishes, colors, and hardware to appear completely unique. That said, you don’t always have to spend a fortune on beautiful millwork. There are more attentive ways to acquire the desired finished product in your home.

When considering adding millwork to a space, utilization should be your primary focus. Interior designers believe that property owners who are willing to go into all the specifics of what they are looking for is highly beneficial. How do you want the books to be displayed, for example, if you want to install attractive shelves in your home office? Whether they need to be concealed or open. These are just a few of the examples that professionals can assist you with. This information considers millwork from a design standpoint prior to drawing out floor designs.

Benefits of Custom Millwork

Professional interior designers think that one of the fundamental reasons to implement custom millwork is that you can maximize your space. Expert interior designers discuss the vision of a client for a space, then offer guidance on how to use millwork to achieve it, whether it’s shelving in a home office or a shelving system for your TV. They feel it may contribute to a home’s beauty and offer a more unified experience, if it’s well-planned, of course.