Benjamin Moore’s New Color of the Year Is a Total Knockout

Benjamin Moore’s choice this year is nothing like last year’s. Rather than choosing a neutral shade, this year’s choice unleashes a totally different energy. Without further ado, meet Raspberry Blush 2008-30 – Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year. This confident hue is a shade of red-orange and can energize any room with its vibrance. It’s possible to rejuvenate any room with the unparalleled vitality of this unique new shade.

Benjamin Moore’s New Color of the Year Is a Total KnockoutMake a Living Room Stand Out

Without a doubt, different individuals have varying aims for how they want their dream home to look. Naturally, this translates to the color chosen for the interior and exterior walls. Still, if you’re looking for ways to make a living room stand out, be sure to opt for a bold hue like Raspberry Blush. By the way, Benjamin Moore collaborated with a famous electro-funk duo, called Chromeo to celebrate the unique shade’s bon vivant vibe.

Rejuvenate the Dining Room With This Color

Since it’s so incredibly captivating, Benjamin Moore’s new Color of the Year 2023 can be ideally suited for dining rooms. As a matter of fact, many interior designers recommend blush tones for the dining room as the rosy glow is both warm and flattering. We’d say not to opt for full-scale Raspberry Blush in the dining room and use it on an accent wall instead. That way, you can avoid stuffing the room with too much energy.

An Architectural Twist

The Benjamin Moore team has a favored monochromatic look for the Raspberry Blush. They say the entire wall and trim should be painted in this one-of-a-kind hue. Individuals who look for a more neutral look can always choose to add the accent hue to the boards exclusively or the wainscoting. That way, it’s possible to enjoy a bolder look on your interior walls without completely changing their appearance. Another thing to consider is purchasing homeware and decorations in the standout hue.