What Does “Power-Down Hour” Even Mean Anyway?

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Bedtime can be tricky for parents, but there’s a magical solution called “Power-Down Hour,” which turns evenings into calm, happy family time. Imagine this: after dinner, everyone changes into cozy pajamas and gathers in the dining room.

It’s a special hour filled with games and stories before bedtime. This routine helps kids sleep better and makes bedtime a breeze.

What’s a Power Down Hour?

Power-Down Hour is the hour before your child’s bedtime. It’s a time for calm activities that help your child relax. It’s awesome because it brings the family together for fun activities, improves children’s behavior, teaches kids to be present and calm, and even improves maths skills!

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If your child wakes up happy and ready for the day, great! But if they seem tired or grumpy, the power-down hour might be the secret ingredient you’ve been missing all along,

A New Sleep Routine

Dr. Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, a qualified pediatrician, says that if your child feels sleepy or irritable during the day, they might not be getting enough rest. Power-Down Hour is like a little helper for a good night’s sleep.

  • Pick a Time: Choose a consistent time every day for Power-Down Hour.
  • Plan Backwards: Start from bedtime and plan dinner and other routines to keep this time free.
  • Choose Fun Activities: Keep it simple at first, but prioritize games that are screen-free and enjoyable for everyone (i.e., don’t choose a game you hate!!).

Unlock the Magic of Bedtime

Power-Down Hour is like a mini-vacation before bedtime, especially great for school-aged kids. It helps them wind down after a busy day. According to Dr. Lauren Collins, a certified pediatric sleep consultant, children need restorative sleep to learn better, play, and be their best selves. So, if you want bedtime to be more fun and less stressful, give Power-Down Hour a try in your home. It’s a simple, magical way to end the day with smiles and sweet dreams!

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Remember, sticking to your Power-Down Hour routine is the key to its magic. It works best when you do it every day, not just on some days. Even if you’re super busy and can’t do a full hour, that’s okay! You can do a shorter version.

Dr. Collins suggests limiting screen time an hour before bedtime and keeping a simple bedtime routine. Consistency makes the magic happen, even if it’s a mini version on busy days!

A Few Amazing Design Options for a Perfectly Clean Home

A Few Amazing Design Options for a Perfectly Clean Home

Usually, we build and decorate our homes to reflect our personal tastes, and these decisions in decor determine how often we clean. We clean the marble countertop every day, and we dust our open shelf once a week. But, what if the procedure was executed backwards? What if we made it a point to make our homes as simple to clean as possible? Here are the decor decisions to make if you want a low-maintenance home that requires very little time spent cleaning. Design your way to a more efficient cleaning schedule if you want to.

Elevated Furniture Is Easier to Clean

Look for furniture elevated on legs when purchasing sofas, credenzas, side tables, or practically any sort of furniture. Even better — cabinets that are attached to the wall directly. This will make it simple for you to sweep or clean below them. Invest in a robotic vacuum that can handle all the cleaning for you if you want a hands-free cleaning regime.

The Perfect Paint Finish

Avoid matte paint finishes if you have pets or small children who could leave smudged fingerprints and stray crayon stains on the walls. Instead, use the most glossy, smooth paint finish that will look good — typically, semi-gloss for trim and eggshell for walls. Dirt and grime can be removed from these glossy surfaces more easily using a damp cloth.

Durable Furniture

When searching for a couch that is simple to clean, the upholstery is one of the most important factors to consider. Just remember to wipe up any spills as soon as possible and condition the leather at least once a year. Leather is simple to wipe clean. If you prefer sofas made of fabric rather than leather, look for ones that are treated with stain repellents or microfiber that is resistant to stains. If that’s not possible, you should choose a sofa that has a slipcover so that the cover can be easily washed whenever it needs to be cleaned. If your pet has white fur, going with darker colors may not be the best option because darker colors are better at concealing stains.

Open Shelving Is a No-No

Shelf slots that are tastefully designed can seem rather attractive on Instagram, but in reality, they require a significant amount of additional dusting. Choose cabinets with glass fronts so you can display your prized possessions and keep them clear of dust at the same time. This will reduce your cleaning efforts.