Peppa Pig on the Big Screen: A Wholesome Celebration for Kids

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Prepare for an animated adventure like never before as Peppa Pig, the beloved piglet, graces the big screen in Peppa’s Cinema Party. Scheduled for a theatrical release on February 9, this hour-long movie marks the celebration of Peppa’s 20th anniversary. With 10 new episodes from season 10, five catchy songs, and 11 interactive entertainment shorts, it promises an epic party for Peppa and her friends, if that’s your thing. If it isn’t, maybe it should be.

20 Years of Peppa Pig

Esra Cafer, Hasbro’s Senior Vice President of Franchise Strategy and Management for Preschool & Fashion, shared the excitement of celebrating the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Episodes will be seamlessly connected with never-before-seen interactive entertainment, allowing little ones to sing and play along with their favorite onscreen characters. Beyond the fun, these new episodes delve into essential themes such as friendship, confidence, kindness, thoughtfulness, and adventure.

Star-Studded Celebration in a Special Episode

Two familiar voices also appear—singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom. The celebrity couple joins the celebration in the three-part “Wedding Party Special,” with Perry lending her voice to Ms. Leopard and Bloom portraying Mr. Raccoon.

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Unveiling the Global Phenomenon

Peppa Pig’s journey to the big screen is not new, and this return is fueled by popular demand. The British animated show’s global popularity is undeniable, reaching over 180 countries as of 2023. Dubbed The Peppa Effect, American kids have even adopted British accents after watching the show.

Underlining Peppa’s unique connection with children, Cafer emphasized that Peppa Pig serves as every kid’s best friend, fostering confidence and assisting them in navigating daily activities in numerous ways.