Make the Situation Easier – Parents Who Travel Should Be Prepared

Make the Situation Easier - Parents Who Travel Should Be Prepared
Be Prepared

Some people love to travel, and if it so happens to be a perk of the job – it’s all for the best! But parents sometimes have a tough time leaving because of the kids. It’s a stressful situation, and every parent should know some tips on how to make the separation easier.

Make the Right Decision

Stephanie Mihalas, Ph.D., a licensed phycologist, explains that a parent must tell their child about upcoming business travel at just the right time. Choosing the right time frame, depending on age and temperament, will lessen the stress when the departure day comes.

Share Details for Comfort

For younger children who don’t particularly understand what dates mean – mark everything on a colorful children’s calendar. Also, share with them when you’re leaving and coming back. It might help to tell them what you’ll be doing on the trip. That creates a sense of knowing in the child and might put them at ease that their parent is leaving for a while.

Share Details for Comfort

Don’t Ignore Daily Routines

It’s important to leave detailed instructions for your child’s daily routine when leaving for business travel. They don’t need another thing altering and causing stress. Make sure the home routine is the same as it always has been when you’re away for work.

Leave Little Reminders

Maybe you can leave a favorite sweater behind or even write cute little notes for your child to find when you’re off on business. That will keep your presence perfectly intact and keep the child comforted and happy when you’re not at home for a while.