Parallel Parenting Is a Solution Divorced Parents Will Appreciate

Understanding Co-Parenting

Parallel parenting is a co-parenting plan implemented by couples who don’t thrive around each other. It’s for those divorced couples who are better off having as little contact with each other as possible, especially in situations where conflicts are a common occurrence. Here’s how to make the best of ‘parallel parenting.’

Understanding Co-Parenting

There are a few main differences between co-parenting and parallel parenting. It’s important to know the difference and to identify which method will work best for your situation. When co-parenting, parents meet and discuss problems with the kids whenever they come up. They communicate via talking, texting, and calls to discuss the kids.

Understanding Co-Parenting

Both parents will typically be present whenever the child is picked up or dropped off at school or a friend’s house. No matter who has custody at the time being, decisions are always made by both parents, while guidelines and rules are agreed upon to manage situations the same way.

Understanding Parallel Parenting

On the other hand, parallel parenting exists in two separate spaces, where only major problems are discussed, while all other communication is set to one side. No function or appointment is physically attended by both parents, and communication other than texting and calling is discouraged.

Either parent can make a unilateral decision whenever the child is in their care—without consultations—which can result in different, or even contradictory, methods of parenting. Meanwhile, schedules and guidelines are predetermined.

Benefits of the Method

The American Psychological Association has stated that the more problems parents have with each other, the more psychological and social issues the child will have, which is how the parallel parenting method can be beneficial.

It also allows the child to see each parent separately. They don’t watch the fighting but rather a happy adult ready to interact and spend valuable time with their child.

How Should Parents Implement the Method?

It’s best to implement the method during the divorce proceedings. That’s when it’s ideal for each parent to make a plan of clear rules and strict guidelines. Include everything you think will benefit both parents and children in the long run.

How Should Parents Implement the Method?

If you are constantly fighting with your partner after the divorce – you might need to look into parallel parenting. Set clear guidelines for each of you to follow. Both of you will be happier for it, and so will your children.