What New Fathers Ought to Know About Raising Baby Girls

Many men on the brink of fatherhood hope for a boy. They feel more prepared to guide him through the challenges that await him in life because they’ve been through them personally. However, fathers of baby girls can find their role in her life just as quickly and build a rewarding and lasting father-daughter relationship that they wouldn’t trade for the world.

What New Fathers Ought to Know About Raising Baby Girls
The Value of a Father’s Involvement

It’s well-documented that a father’s continuous involvement in raising a baby girl will have an important impact on what type of person she grows up to be. Women who have good, strong, and healthy relationships with their fathers are likely to have a better sense of self and healthy self-esteem. They’re also more likely to choose partners that embody some of the positive traits that were exhibited by their father. This reflects the need to replicate the same sense of security, empathy, and caring in their adult life as they’ve enjoyed in childhood.

Raising a Baby Girl

The dad’s involvement in raising a baby girl should begin right away with her early care. This means changing diapers, bathing, feeding, or singing her to sleep. As she grows, encourage and take part in her interests at school, sports, art classes, or dance lessons. It’s important for the father and the mother to make sure the child feels comfortable talking to them about any topic at all because the parents are a child’s primary source of information, compassion, and understanding.

Raising a baby girl
Giving Guidance and a Safe Space

Many fathers end up playing the disciplinarian in their homes. Having to impose rules and go through arguments can end up with hurt feelings and damaged relationships. When raising girls and boys alike, there are bound to be tense moments but it’s crucial to remain patient. Don’t be reactive! Look for ways to nurture and create a safe space. This will make the child feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and feelings and this will carry through into their adult life.