Miracle Baby Brings Father, Brother, and the Internet to Tears

Every now and then, the internet provides thousands with a truly heartwarming and emotional experience, and such is the case of this video that went viral very quickly. When father and son were presented with the daughter and sister miracle baby, they wept with genuine joy, and the video of this emotional reaction was posted on Instagram by the dad, @joaoprudencioneto.

Miracle Baby Brings Father, Brother, and the Internet to Tears
The Story Behind the Miracle Baby

There is a reason why this heartwarming video tugged on countless heartstrings around the world. João’s video explained that baby Giovanna is a miracle that the family had been praying for. According to a translation of the video’s caption, after having their first child, David, the father, João was told he was infertile. Although his wife was completely healthy, they were told they’d be unable to have another child even though they wanted one. That’s why Giovanna’s birth came to the family like a miracle.

João (father), David (son), and the Miracle Baby
Her Birth Is a Treasured Gift

As the baby was brought into the arms of her father and brother, the pair wept uncontrollably. João explains that his daughter’s birth wasn’t just a miracle for their family but for everyone out there who’s hoping to one day have a child. The happy father goes on to praise Jesus for his miraculous recovery and the ability to become a father for the second time against all odds.

The Video Received Heartwarming Comments

Baby feet coming out under a blanket, shaped like a heartAs the video of the father-son emotional response went viral and generated millions of views, it also received countless overwhelmingly positive responses. In the comment section, people praised the father for being able to be so vulnerable in front of his son and set a great example. Others praise the boy for his heartwarming emotion saying how he’ll surely be an amazing brother. What’s certain is that, in a scary and complicated world, videos like these that draw attention to a miracle can help give everyone a brighter view of life.