There Are Valuable Life Lessons in Disney Movies to Teach Children

Every generation has a favorite Disney movie or several they like to rewatch every once in a while. But there’s more to sitting and watching when you want some relaxing, fun movie for the evening. They also teach us all valuable life lessons. Although many have figured out those lessons later in life, it’s never too late to pass them on to the children in hopes they’ll embrace them!

There Are Valuable Life Lessons in Disney Movies to Teach Children

Face the Fear Like Nemo

In one Disney classic, Finding Nemo, we’re taught to face our fears and persevere no matter what. Marlin, Nemo’s father, loses him and has to swim through the ocean and all its dangers with his buddy, Dori, to try and find him. He’s a small fish and can’t do much about large sharks or divers that want to catch him, but he goes on! Teach your children to be like Nemo’s dad – go through life and succeed, no matter what happens and how much it may scare them!

Wield the Most Powerful Tool

In The Little Mermaid, there are good and bad lessons, but one important one would help every child be strong and fight for what they believe. We’re told our voice is the most powerful tool we can wield. If you have your voice and speak up when you have something to say, there’s not much that can stop you from succeeding!

Disney Teaches People to Embrace Themselves

Perhaps one of the most important lessons came from the classic movie Beauty and the Beast. We must embrace ourselves, even if no one else does. Belle reads a lot, and people think that’s strange. But she doesn’t care. She continues to be herself throughout the movie, no matter what people say about her. That’s something every child should learn – to do what makes them happy and not care what others will say!

Small Stuff Shouldn’t Get in the Way

Another fantastic Disney movie, The Lion King, teaches us that things happen in life and we shouldn’t be bothered by every little thing. When Timon and Pumba sing “Hakuna Matata”, which means “No Worries” in Swahili, their message is that people shouldn’t let the small stuff keep them down. They should embrace every aspect of life, good or bad, and push through!

Something we can take from Disney movies is that things in life aren’t always as bad as they seem, and we have to pull ourselves together and do what makes us happy. Teach children to embrace themselves, face their fears, make their voices heard, and continue living life to the fullest, even if bad things happen!