Here’s How to Get Kids to Stop Sucking Their Thumb

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When a child is allowed to indulge in thumb sucking too much it can lead to changes in their mouth, jaw, and teeth. Breaking this habit is recommended, but parents can rest assured that the habit is common and a normal thing for a child to do. Some 90% of newborns start doing it as early as two hours after birth.

Thumb Sucking Can Be Problematic

While the thumb-sucking reflex may seem adorable, it can become a habit that has negative consequences. It can affect facial bones and teeth as the child and their mouth, palate, and jaw grow. Pediatricians say that thumb sucking should ideally stop between ages two and four. However, breaking such a habit can prove challenging for many parents.

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Experts emphasize the risks associated with thumb sucking as it can cause long-lasting damage. The habit starts as a normal part of a newborn’s development and even serves to give proper tone to the tongue and jaw position. However, it may become a source of comfort for older children, which is why it often persists beyond infancy.

When it Becomes a Problem

It is important to note that social issues like bullying can also arise due to thumb-sucking, which can have a potential impact on self-esteem. Things that can exacerbate the problem include environmental triggers, breathing issues at night, and mental health struggles.

Children usually stop sucking their thumbs on their own before turning one, but the habit can last up to the age of four. It is beyond this age range that concerns regarding dental alignment, palate issues, and potential speech problems can arise. To prevent problems, parents need to monitor thumb sucking closely and intervene whenever they feel it becomes excessive or habitual.

Ways to Break the Habit

Various strategies can help break the habit. Some methods include positive reinforcement, covering fingers with special gloves, and using thumb braces. Parents can also try to better understand triggers that cause thumb sucking or seek professional help if necessary. It’s also crucial for parents to work with their child in this process, just like with the other developmental stages.

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Regular dental check-ups are very important to ensure that thumb sucking doesn’t affect the child’s jaw. The process of breaking this habit may take time, so parents should be patient and get professional help if they need it. This process is a joint effort between children, parents, doctors, and consultants and will help ensure the child’s optimal oral health.

A Winning Shot at Pool Seemed So Impossible – People Were Stunned

If people were honest – they’d inadvertently admit that pool was not their strong suit. At least, that’s true for most people. Yes, many enjoy watching the game and are fascinated by the shots, but most don’t understand the math and techniques behind each shot. It’s a difficult game for sure, but one particular game stunned people!

A Winning Shot at Pool Seemed So Impossible - People Were Stunned

The Pool Game Setup

The pool game that got everyone riled up was in a regular old pub. The name of the bar or the destination was not mentioned in the clip posted of the game on the viral social media platform Tiktok, but that wasn’t the important part anyway. It was a regular game, but the guy who stunned everybody deserved the spotlight!

The Winning Shot

A user who had posted a short video clip on Tiktok of the winning shot was just as baffled by it as everyone else was. No one knew who the guy was, but he certainly wasn’t a professional pool player. However, he made an impossible shot. He somehow managed to get the black eightball to move backward by hitting it with the white. And that, in turn, made it go straight into the desired pocket – and he won the game!

People Thought it Was Impossible

The whole shot looked impossible to everyone, but the clip posted didn’t lie. It happened. People thought the guy was either incredibly intelligent or possessed a physics degree. The shot was made with exquisite skill, and although it seemed like it would never work – it did! While the man was congratulated on his win – many couldn’t work out how the eightball made it in.

How the shot happened – whether it was pure luck or the guy playing at a local pub had some serious pool skills. It went viral and befuddled many people. Both experts at the game and fans were impressed!